Recent Bans.

Dear Sega;

The recent bans have made me rethink my stance on spending money in this game. I was hesitant before with the slow release of content but my son had asked for money to buy AC earlier this week and I was considering letting him have the money because I have loved the Phantasy Star series for a VERY long time and I have a very long tradition of supporting the game companies that produce games I enjoy. My love affair with the game started with Generations of doom and shortly there after I found copies of Phantasy Star 1 and 2 and played them. End of the Millennium is my all time fav of the series though and one of my favorite games period. That being said though you couldn't pay me enough money to convince me to spend money in a game if I or my kids are just going to get hit with a ban for criticizing Sega or the game and that's definitely a possibility with the vagueness of the definition of "toxic". They ban people for "toxic" language but are very vague as to what they deem toxic. One moment it maybe cursing in the game, the next it could be for saying anything critical of the company and I don't throw away money.

I also believe this recent wave of bans for "toxic" language is hypocritical of a company that puts pole dancing emotes into their game along with over sexualized costumes. Note I have no problem with those being in the game but it's hypocritical for them to introduce content like that then ban players for adult words. All of my accounts are in good standing, from the Microsoft store to the Epic games store accounts and both my children's accounts are in good standing, not one has been hit with a ban of any type . So don't come at me with "Oh you're banned so you're complaining". BUT your announcement of the bans and the vagueness of the definition for "toxic" and the recent online videos that seem to suggest that these bans are for adult words coupled with the fact that you have emotes and costumes in the game that are "adult themed" have made me question whether I want to continue to support this company.

You are absolutely free to do whatever you want with the game and ban whomever you choose but I do not have to risk my money nor my time by continuing to support you.

In short I'm a father with two children who play this game with me. I don't need you to police their online interaction. I do not need you to produce adult themed emotes in the game then ban people for their use of adult words.

Whether you are what you say or you're making up a life story Sega isn't changing their stance as of now. MMO's suffer from a lot of toxic behavior unless it's FF14. If they want to clean up everyone's act then mote power to them.

People like to claim they cater to that audience and maybe that's true. What can also be true is that they want to remove themselves from that stance and towards what ff14 has.

ERP is up for debate if it's private chat. Open chat it shouldn't be allowed imo.

@Zeke but they can't even do it privately... that doesn't make any sense. how will the GMs know if two consenting adults erp via whispers, are they monitered to that degree?

@Velveteer yes they are, any kind of communication that is done through a server is also stored in the server, so even private messages are stored in the server of the game.

that's too much.

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@Velveteer said in Recent Bans.:

that's too much.

literally any social network does this, sure they don't punish anyone for what they say majority of the time but they store every single dirty talk

@Jamesmor Ots no secret that communcation logs are stored. They can store, so they can access them when they have a real need to access them, but they should not be looking at whisper, group chat, or even alliance chat logs without a report being filed from someone within those chats with the offending person.

They dont need to know what two random people are talking about in whispers. They dont need to know what 5 random people are talking about in the group chat they created to carry out such talks. They dont need to know what an alliance of 35 people are taking about unless someone there takes offense to whats being talked about.

It doesnt matter if its about breakfast, it doesnt matter if its everyone activating a chat macro saying "Sega and its mods suck", it doesnt matter if its describing a position change. None of that is for any one elses ears. Thats the ENTIRE point of these chat channels: to not bother anyone else. But these obviously woke mods have decided to make it so private conversations can bother them... and only them.

@Zeke I don't care whether they change their stance on it. Not the point. Not trying to change anything policy related. I'm not forced to spend money on something that is clearly hypocritical and I hope others realize this as well. Soon though this game will go the way of the dodo. Extinction because of evolutionary limitations. The more they evolve the policies to cater to the vocal minority the less the policies are tolerated by the silent majority. It's sad but it's just a fact of business.

@Adreankael said in Recent Bans.:

I don't care whether they change their stance on it. Not the point. Not trying to change anything policy related.

And yet here you are. You created a new account, to regale us here on these forums with a wonderous tale about your life and children, to express your views, to share with us, your stance, how you disagree with SEGA's practices, how you WILL speak with your wallet and not give SEGA a dime of your hard earned money because you are unhappy with the route they are taking and you've taking all the extra time out of your busy day to do that....

Because you DO NOT care, and you DO NOT want change.

Then what are you here fo...Oh right, right.

@Nevyara for what exactly you do mean oh right right?, I'm sorry for my ignorance.

@Nevyara First off my account is not new. This is my Epic games account. It's about a month or so old. I created it because it's a bit easier to launch then the windows store account. Secondly let me ask you. How does it affect you in such a negative way that you feel the need to insult people if they speak their mind? Does no one but you have the right to speak their minds? Is your ego so over inflated that you believe that anyone who speaks out about something you like it automatically means they're wrong and you have to insult them? Personally I don't care what you believe or say. But if this is the Toxic that Sega is talking about I see the reason why they're going to such lengths to remove it. However I'm a big boy and you comments are just words they have no lasting effect on anyone.

@TheLamp5 said in Recent Bans.:

I'm sorry for my ignorance.

I'm sorry for your ignorance too.

@Adreankael You said so yourself, you don't care. Nothing I said was insulting toward you, I certainly did put a sarcastic twist on the matter, but if doing so was directly insulting to you, then you have my sincere apologies. I had no idea about your sensitivities, that is completely my mistake. And for someone who is, once again claiming not to care what some random internet stranger believes or says, you certainly did take the time to think and make assumptions about little ol me.

I'm flattered, truly. Thank you.

@Nevyara even then I just asked what exactly you do mean by oh right right? so.

Threads always turn into the same people going after others...Jesus Christ