The forums are pretty much useless now that there is a Discord Suggestion: get rid of it

@LazerRay See, but you are still living. The trolls, they on the other hand, are obsessed with the thought of getting a rise out of someone online. They are not living. That's all I meant.

now now. dont be mad. sometimes ya gotta fight fire with fire. im one of the good ones i swear!! ya know kyokuya edgelord on the outside but soft on the inside. gimme a chance. and also pay attention the ones you think are good are actually bad bad baaad.

Discord has always been inferior to self-hosted solutions, and quite frankly needs to go even more extict than dinosaurs. Forums are just plain better and always have been. Live chats are for Spam.

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@Prancing_Cat the thing is if the fake Shiggle was banned then the GMs would've thought that the real Shiggle was an alt and which they will banned them as well, it's same how anyone with the name of Zenchi gets banned really fast with the fact that the real Zenchi was known to make alts.

can confirm i seen fake zenchis get banned for having the name lol

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Moderation in any setting is supposed to maintain the peace, not go beyond that and try to make all conversation sterile to the point private conversation between friends is out of the question.

Very true.

I totally disagree with shutting down the forums. Things we post here do stay and don't get flushed away in the flow of people chatter so easily. It's more organized, easier to moderate for the moderators, and still the best way to pin important information. Having the forums is like having a deeper memory of things that happen.

I disagree with shutting down the forums.

Forums are easier (depends how you see it) to maintain, player issues and topics are divided into it's own by nature. Discord is more like a glorified chatroom, which is great for specific issues like giving/needing Support or reporting a bug - but not for multiple discussions, even if the "Thread" function exists.

Imo: Discord is chaos, hard to archive, unable to lock specific threads.

As a Platform: Forums > Discord, as support: Discord > Forums

For the offtopic debated here, I want to place my statement as well. if you run around in pso2 lobbies harrassing players, and drop N-Bombs (or worse), you need punishment. I am aware of the "streamer incident" and since then, the Twitch category for PSO2:NGS is near dead. People actually fear streaming the game, which will have an impact on PSO2 as a game. I wanted to stream PSO2, but after reading what happened, I don't want to. This would affect my Twitch account and on occasion: my PSO2 account as well (depending on the person who is in charge).

As for ERP, I don't mind when it's done in LOCKED Private Quarters between two consenting adults, however PUBLICLY in lobby - sry, I have to admit, thats bad and I do not want to get involved in a lobby without my consent - for streamers: logging in B34 while there is ERP in progress: Twitch says: "Did you just stream lewd? here a 3 day ban!". However, its creepy to know there may be someone reading my whisper/public chatlogs server side as I talk about private topics with friends sometimes in my/their (locked) PQ - which would count as "privacy intrusion" and could sue SEGA for that by local law (gaining access to private messages by persons not intended for them to read). Aside from talking about private stuff, I do normal RP and keep that clean as much as possible. What GM should do is check PUBLIC channels for sanity and ONLY after a report the PRIVATE / GROUP channels as well to get a picture and judge the ban/punishment.

When it comes to bans, there should be more specifics and clarity. Instead of banning outright, there should be a "3 strike rule" in place. In both cases, an ingame mail SHOULD be sent like "Hello PSO Player, we have been informed for misconduct (insert here what the player did). this is the 1st/2nd Strike, please cease violating our EULA further, or we will have to restrict your account permanently." Depending the serverity, a permanent ban should be the last option. Well, RMT promoting bots should be rated higher and need to go. Right now in NGS, its even hard to tell, if you are buying from a player or a bot.

Everyone is a troll! Blocklist them all!

When is the forums going down?

So what would be the pro’s and con’s of discord vs official forums?

The difference I see is that their is no Tag headliners to set the atmosphere for the discussion. No separation and it is a lot easier to disrupt the current topic on discord. Which I am thinking is what Sega wants to do and bury the negative connotation?

Discord is just a mess overall. There is no real structure to it. But there isn't here either. I've given my feedback on important elements before, like pso2 settings overwriting stuff in ngs without that setting being present in ngs to change, and nothing is done. It's all just a mess at this point, but leaving it all to Twitter and discord alone, won't do this game any good. Not that it did much before, but yea

Well I think it would be better that the forums is shutdown. So far I like everything Sega is doing! It is the right moves and better for the game. Don’t be surprised if Sega stops these you tubers from using in game content and shutdown that side of thing altogether.

The reason why I like forums is because it gives us the best platform to voice our opinions, good or bad. You can go into greater detail on a forum than you can on something like Discord.

Also, I really am not a fan of the moderation on things like Discord. Basically, you can be having a discussion, but if it goes on for a couple of minutes or it gets a little bit heated (by heated, I don't mean people insulting each other) a mod will come in and say "I'm shutting this down now, anymore talk of this and posts will be removed and you may be banned.

Another thing I dislike is when somebody finds out some news about the game and wants to talk about it, so they hop on Discord, start discussing it and moderators will say "we have already talked about this earlier, the discussion has moved on now, don't bring it up again".

I hate it, I think mods should be as hands off as possible. Let people speak, let people get frustrated and annoyed at things, let people vent. If it goes on for a length of time, so what. If you want to make Discord one of your main areas of communication, then you need to let players discuss things without getting a bit of a power trip and feeling like you need to step in and bring things to a halt.

I'm absolutely sick of hypocrites and fake supporters that companies hire. When i first heard about this i couldnt believe what i was hearing especially coming from SEGA of all places. This decision might not have been thoroughly thought through but it clearly wasnt made with inclusivity in mind at all, the staff are willingly choosing to exclude a minority of people from the pso2 community that still need to use this forum.

I don't care what big platform the majority of the internet uses since not everyone can feel safe using them because they are very hostile places. Do you the staff need reminding of the constant targeted harrasment that happens on those platforms and the fact that the largest LGBT discord server was deleted?

Because of this everyone who actively needs and feels safe using this forum are practically being exluded now and forced to use something they dont like. @dreamweaver You clearly stated in your announcement that this forum is a valid place to debate and share content. So why is it now shutting down, could it be because the staff put too much on their plate? Whoever is head of staff should have taken the official forums which you were hired to manage in the first place into consideration before sparing staff for other platforms.

My only connection to this community outside of being in game is through here on the forums. It has helped many of us in difficult positions to talk about topics we cant anywhere else while also connecting people from different ships, i would have never met any of the wonderful people on other ships without this place and would hate to lose it. Not only are you taking it away from me and everyone else but also the constant influx of new people coming to this game.

This was an extremely poor managment decision, please i really hope you can reconsider this and continue supporting the forums.

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Everyone is a troll! Blocklist them all!

When is the forums going down?

December 16th