Will we get Puso Ni Comi?

I've seen mobile RPGs like Granblue and Dragalia with translations for their webcomics and translating a webcomic like that one wouldn't require all that much work, though I would also like to see official subs for the budget web anime they made too (especially considering the fansubs kind of fell behind).

That would be a nice idea!

I do wonder how some of the references to the real life events that might not make it to NA would be handled... (wasn't one of the scenes taking place at a live Quna concert?). Ahh well, guess we'll see, a nice idea regardless!

@Leonkh99 There is a whole mini-arc that takes place at the Phantasy Star Thanks Festa, the yearly IRL event that takes place in several places across Japan.

Yeah that was it @AndrlCh !

Now... the fact that the show OBVIOUSLY takes place in Japan means that this can easily be passed as a "thing that the Japanese version does" without problem. The franchise isn't nearly as big in the West for Sega to justify this sort of event... maybe something smaller like the Sega of America community events that happened:

but not a full on convention event with a whole stadium of people and such...

Also if they do official subs, it should definitely go into the PSO2 NA YT channel xD

Would be nice to have more (public) content on it...