Episode 6: Deluxe Edition?

Hello, I missed the episode 6 deluxe package on steam and there alot of "physical copies" of the game that come with the codes for sale at multiple places. Wanted to ask a few questions before shopping around:

-There are multiple version with the codes, including ps4, switch, pc versions. All of them have japanese text at the bottom of the cover and I was wondering if the codes still work for global version.

-If I just wanted the code and didn't care about the physical copies, could I buy the cheapest edition? (Switch) Or would I need to specifically buy the pc version and each code is tied to it's console.

-How do the codes work? Are they codes for the visophone? Or are they keys that have to be inserted into the appropriate place such as ps4 store / switch store / steam key.

Thanks in advance!

Sadly none of those code work for the global version, and on top of that they are all expired so they won't even work for the JP version anymore (They would have been entered through the visiphone)

Thank you very much for your answer! It's unfortunate I completely missed when it was on steam.... They taunt us with the shop still bein there~ ;_; At least I saved some moneys 😆

You can still get the physical items if you want, just the codes are useless, I plan to eventually get an AIS model kit and they also came with item code, but the same issue I mentioned before, they won't work.