[Ship 02] [EN] Kappa Alliance - [Discord]

⚪Alliance Name: Kappa (97/100 Members)

⚪Leader: Raka#0420

⚪Type (Casual, Semi Casual, Serious): Serious Daily Active Players

⚪Active Timezone(s): EST

⚪Alliance Requirements: Discord is Required. Play longer than daily quests, usually UQ, Gigantix and more.

⚪Alliance Description: Kappa is an alliance that has been around since the base PSO2, May, 2020. Come join us on Discord to hang out, even if you aren't interested in joining our alliance. Almost at 500 members!

Please Whisper/Send a Chat or join the Discord and apply directly inside the applications channel!

Still recruiting, could always use more people. We also do community things together, join the Discord!