NGS Base Faces

Compared to base PSO2, the amount of Base Faces we have for each type of body at the moment in NGS, feels lacking; more options with different traits would quite cool.

Something I have wanted since BETA release is being able to to make my characters' eyeballs and iris smaller. Currently, options in regards of this are quite limited with NGS faces.

While there is a base face for Type 1 Humanoids that actually allows to make eyes quite small... it is kinda an old man face :v So make the lower eye size limit... well, lower, would be quite nice for other NGS base faces as well... and creating more base faces would also be nice (something that doesn't look like either a too young or like an old man would be quite nice, but eye size limit is something I care more about).

Creating NGS version of all base PSO2 base faces would probably be a nice way to tackle this.

On a different note, more in depth customization for lips and nose, might be nice, as well as how much are we able to move eyes, nose and mouth around the face.

But for now, my main wish is for eyeball size lower limit to be lower :v

@Richter-Lion I made a similar thread here a while back, for the same reason.

I think maybe if word got around in the Discord, more people would be willing to throw their hat in for support of better options, if not soon, at least later down the road after the major visual and performance bugs get fixed. From the front faces can look good, but from the side, everyone's faces look way too similar aesthetically. And this goes for both male and female characters alike. Also eyes being able to be resized, iris wise would be nice.