Techter Buffs

Hey Everyone,

The techter buffs seems underwhelming as I'm playing it and would like to know if there anyway to improve it. How much percent increase is Shifta and Deband? I maxxed these out on my tree. Also the Range Extender is still very low, I have to get on top of my team to buff them. I would like to buff from a little far away if possible.

TE eventually gets a skill that lets you apply S/D to your entire party (note: not MPA) no matter where they are, as long as you are on the same map.

And when it comes to increasing party/MPA damage, TE is the best at doing that. Shifta Advance and Shifta Strike, and then add the extra damage from a well placed/timed Zanverse, and things really add up.

For right now, if you have used the Deband and Shifta lv10 discs, it's the best you are going to get.

Shifta and Deband add PWR and DEF based on Base Stats (Natural Stats+Mag Stats+Stat-Up Skills), not based on your Total Stats (Base Stats+Weapon+Units+Abilities).

At level 10, Shifta will add 18.9% PWR, while with Advance Shifta maxed out it adds ~23.63%PWR.

On the Techer Tree, the biggest Shifta-based benefit is Shifta Strike since that does just give a flat 10% Damage Bonus when maxed. As for Deband, Deband Cut and Deband Toughness are what you want to have maxed out since that is a flat 15% Damage reduction and a 25% HP increase, both of which have a great impact on keeping yourself and your team alive.

As for range, that's just the way that Support Techs work in this game. Range Extender adds 2 meters to the range of your uncharged Support Techs and 4 meters when they are charged; for reference Shifta's natural range is ~1.5 meters uncharged and 6 meters charged.

Eventually, they will add higher level discs (up to lv17) that increase Shifta/Deband's base power, and Tech customization which will allow you to have an bigger range on-top of Range Extender (+ 1 or 2 meters depending on the Recipe). Also, once we get to lv85, Techter has a Skill that lets you apply Shifta and Deband to your own party from any distance.