Weapon camos bug on Weapon poses.....

I did a search for this first before I made the Topic.

Ok I have the Coated weapon camo, so when I use the Sword pose with the camo on the sword it is bigger than it should be, without the weapon equipped the sword on the pose is normal size.pso20210908_235928_002.jpg pso20210908_235916_000.jpg

So I'm just going to ask has anyone else seen I bug like this?

Might be that specific pose, the rifle, launcher, and rifle/launcher poses work perfectly fine with their related weapons and camos.

@ShadowZero The game keeps showcasing stranger buggs all the time.

how many strange bugs is there going to be I wonder, that it's going to take time too fix them all.

At least we haven't encountered many game breaking bugs, just mostly some weird graphics glitches so far.

The invisible boss bug on the Pettas UQ has been fixed already, and all other known bugs are being worked on.

note too self do not have microsoft or Steam version of pso2 ngs install on the same pc... and yes I did this.... hopefully I no longer DC from going to pso2 base... Hopefully...

do we have a Bug report forum topic somewhere?

ok now I know what the Bug is, that is the sword it self in NGS the lightsaber like sword has bugged all the sword by coursing them to increase in length, it the only course I can see for this to happen.

@ShadowZero What about adjusting the "sheathe position" of your weapon? You can get around this problem, I think

it when the weapon is drawn that it does this so no way around this, and mess with sword camos too much.