Make stamp & player cut in windows smaller with transparent slider please

Can we shrink the stamp window to half it's size please? It's way too big and the details in it doesn't need to be super sized as it is now already. Certain cut in windows can already be displayed small. But I can't figure out how it's triggered to be small at times.

It would be great if it's added in options to adjust size with option to make it see through as well. So they won't obscure some important details during battle.

@FuzzyHobbitKev Players have asked for customizable ui menus in general for a while, so a resizable stamp and cut in windows would fall in line with that.

This, or at least let us move them. Seems like they almost always pop up right in the middle of the screen or some other inconvenient place.

The ability to edit their appearance locations so they aren't in the center of the screen would be nice, as well.