Profanity filter

Why some words that aren't swear words filtered?

I've had my HP count be censored, but that's because there are bad numbers that can be used for breach of ToS.

(Such as racial supremacy, leet speak gang signs, ect.)

There's also a user who brought up how "screw" is censored, and that's because it's the US interpretation of sexual innuendo.

Some words may be the same as stated above. The interpretations are based off a variety of countries and moderator insight.

Fun fact:

In Phantasy Star Online there was a weapon called the Ano Rifle -

However, you couldn't actually type the name out in game because Ano also translates in another language to "anus".

Because it wouldn't be fair to get punished for a word that doesn't mean anything where you're from and means completely something different

That's why it would be nice to have a profanity filter in game a few outcomes

(1) list them all but no warning

(2) says your text contains profanity and says what it is is and says do you want to send it

(3) if it has profanity it doesn't allow it to be sent at all

Although I don't know why they allow it to be sent in the first place

As a example the thumbs-up gesture is a sign of approval in most countries. However, in several countries in West Africa and the Middle East, including Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan it is something else and yet they've got it in game as emotes and stamps

This goes for the ok gesture as well ( although I have forgotten it's meaning )

Because this is a global release it's hard to get every single word and or gesture and Ban them because they are offensive in one language but means something completely different in another

Yea a word like 'Riser' is censored too. IDK what they think that is to need to censor it. Seems more like someone just starting adding words at random, or based on their own weird thought processes.

@Drakaina I'd imagine that several things are at play:

  1. Microsoft, Steam and whatever other platform offers Pso2NGS more than likely have their own guidelines/rules as to what can and cannot be censored, and Sega has to follow suit.
  2. Sega has an industry-wide set of terms that they deem inappropriate. They may be out of touch/outdated, guessing in the dark, or possibly just trying to cover all their bases.
  3. As to your 'thumbs-up' example, I'm guessing Sega quantifies which regions have the biggest number of users/players/payers/whales and tailors their profanity censors to account for that. While I don't actually know the login numbers for the regions you posted, my guess is that it is small.

At least it's not as bad as black Desert Online ( might be fixed now I don't know ) You couldn't say the word class or night or any word at all that had first 3 Letters of a bad word

@JayKeePso2 You would have to disable chat to 'cover all the bases'

I would just like them to reveal all the profanity words so I can avoid them

@Drakaina Today, everyone is offended by something.

Best to not play in the first place.

The problem with their overly broad and frankly, absolutely draconian filter, is that it blanket censors words they find "inappropriate" while, of course, not taking into account the content in which the words are used, because no amount of programming in a chat filter is going to be able to police language.

Saying "hell yea"! That isn't bad. "That's fu*king awesome!" again, not terrible, crude sure, but not offensive. I was talking about the recent fallout a certain game publisher is facing due to their treatment of employees and said "screw them", and "screw" was censored. I think someone also mentioned how women's undergarments (panties) are also censored.

It boggles my mind how an "M" rated game, in the 21st century, with the average gamer ranging to be in their 30s, has a pre imposed chat filter that you cannot turn off. I understand the reason for the filter, I just don't understand why we aren't allowed the option to toggle it and or add to it.

BDO has a filter that can be programmed on the user end so you can add words you do not wish to see. It was great for blocking out those who got over zealous in reporting their guild recruitment messages in chat, without blocking the individual, as well as gold sellers, since all you had to do was copy their website, add to the filter, and never be bothered again.

Again, I appreciate the steps SEGA is currently taking in giving us options to customize our chat, but more can be done. More should be done. And considering the pace at which SEGA handles matters (sorry, but it is true that you all are very slow in addressing concerns, especially on global), giving users the ability to customize their own filter to deal with the rmt spam would be a tremendous help.

@Drakaina said in Profanity filter:

This goes for the ok gesture as well ( although I have forgotten it's meaning )

There's a viral troll that hit even the US media which claims it's some racist hand gesture, but it's actually a hand gesture in both sign language and important diver safety communication.

It also means money in Japanese culture.

For American censorship, locational placement during screenshots is important for deciphering intent.

@MasterDarkwingz said in Profanity filter:

There's a viral troll that hit even the US media which claims it's some racist hand gesture, but it's actually a hand gesture in both sign language and important diver safety communication.

First off, I read that as "driver safety" and was very confused for a brief moment when I clicked the link. 🤣

Second off, I work in a very loud environment and I constantly use the okay symbol to ask other people if they are doing alright at their tasks. The people that started believing it to be something offensive blows my mind every time it comes up. smh


Careful, dude. People have gotten fired from their job for that hand sign lmfao.