A ton of players would love a Casino in NGS much like we have in base, but just adding base's casino seems... unjustifiable as a reason enough i'm sure, maybe a seperate casino in general, different games, different prizes at the prize counter. here are some ideas to change up the casino's games for NGS

Rappy/Auxillery Races: obstacle course race tracks that alternate each hour with some Kart racing elements thrown in, taking advantage of the NGS movement system with the random powerup items being various Photon arts and techniques to mess up other racers with for a slight more PVP side to racing. either controlling a Rappy, Nyau, Lilipan, or your Auxillery if they're ever added in.

(Desert region name) hold em: in place of Black Nyack, a game that is a play on the card game Texas Hold em.

Moony&Sunny slots: move over Rappy, these two are stealing your thunder for this casino's slots theme.

Pinball/shooting gallery: given we have a shooting gallery mixed with Pachinko in base, why not combine shooting gallery with pinball or breakout in NGS?

Cosmetics can take on the region's design mixed with casino minigame aesthetics, similar to the base game's weapon camos and lilipan outfits. for example if done in the arena for TMGS a set of six-shooters fashioned after the launchers in the new shooting gallery, or for sword a stack of cards with the guard as a deck of the cards. as a few examples.