Collection Sheet Weapon Drop

So I've finally got all of the Red Weapons to 100%; the last % was during the urgent quest tonight. I killed an enemy and my inventory was full I could not picked up the +30 Lambda Aristene. While clearing my inventory,my party leader left the quest because it was completed and the event ended without me being able to pick up the +30 Lambda Aristene. How can I get this back without having to redo the ENTIRE red weapon leveling up again?


When you complete a Collection Sheet, the Reward Weapon doesn't actually drop onto the field. The Lambda Aristene should have gone directly into your Inventory, or into your Storage if your Inventory was full.

@AndrlCh It went into my storage, much thanks!!!!! It seems misleading because the npc in game said a mob would drop it after completing the sheet.

@Pikachuu Yeah, it is only the Required Items that say All Enemies or specify an Enemy that will drop in the field.

I kind of have a follow up question. I'm pretty sure I received my item but I can't help but feel I havent closed them out or completed them. I still see green checkmarks in the list and they are taking up space. Is there a proper way to clear them?

@Merelambasted Once Collection Sheets are completed, you must remove them manually from the menu via the Discard option.

@AndrlCh Thank you! I'll clear them up.