Change Hide Ornament Settings

As other people have already pointed out, there's a small flaw in how the "hide ornaments" setting works in the Salon on NGS.

Currently, if you hide any ornaments on an outfit, the setting is a fixed function that will remove the same ornaments on every outfit you where, regardless of saved looks. This is very unfortunate because I, and most others, like to remove ornaments on certain outfits to make them look better, but keep them on others so hiding them doesn't subtract from the style.

What the function should be:

  • Something that can be toggled from outside of the Salon, like an extra menu or submenu in the looks tab (this would be a very clunky and undesired way to fix the problem)


  • Something that can be changed and saved for every different outfit that is saved as a Look, that way even if some is to change Looks from outside of the Salon, the ornaments will be added back/removed if they were added back/removed on the prior outfit. (this is what we would very much want more out on convenience)

As an example of what I mean:

My character might where the Merres Fidde [Ba]. I personally like the outfit without the tail that sticks out of the back of the basewear, so i'll use the "Hide Ornament" function to remove it. Because the hide function doesn't work the way we currently want it to, if I were to switch to an outfit like Servante Lealu [Ba], it would remove the skirt from the basewear, whether i wanted it to or not. Because the "hide ornament" function is a fixed function, I would have to either go back into the Salon to unhide each ornament, not wear the Look or make a look that depends on removing ornaments, or deal with it, which is of course, not something anyone wants to do.

It's not a huge thing, but hopefully this change would be considered. I'm sure a lot of people who enjoy Phashion, if not a good amount of them, would be very pleased to see something like this be fixed.

I have been asking for a toggle outside of the salon for a while now. I even made a topic about it.

@Weirdo Me too xD Asking for it to be something saved into Looks Ensembles too.

Seems to be in high demand.

This feels like a bug that we can't save the ornament settings to our individual saves.

Like others have said, it would be nice to have a toggle out of the salon.

They have the settings apply to all outfits for some reason.

While were at it, can we get more ornament options. Like maybe shoe/boot, and glove/gauntlet removal. Swimwear kind of doesn't make sense at times, and some people don't like the shoes or gloves that come standard from some outfits, and would like to use body paint, or accessories in place of those parts.

Not trying to de-rail, or alter subject, I liked the original core idea, but I believe it could be expanded upon. The game has a lot of amazing features, that are being under utilized, and could be better expended. I see a lot of potential here to outshine a lot of other games in just this small area alone, and I really hope at least the core idea is heard. I'm not a fan of having to enter the Salon every time I want to outfit change, and not be missing an ornament, or have an ornament on that I don't want.

Would be nice for more options.

It would also be great to get more ornament display options per base/setwear. Like the Marine Taure BA I would like to be able to turn the leg parts off. I think that should be an option but requires more than 2 checkboxes. Various pieces could really do with more display options.