N-color Change Pass Should be handled differently

There are so many campaigns that have happened where you ask us "the community" to do something like the current twitter campaign. Yet the rewards for these campaigns aren't worth it because you keep giving us things that we already get from dailies and log in bonuses.

Why not give N-color change passes instead? You keep asking a lot from the community but not giving back more rare things. Not everyone wants to be on twitter but each campaign seems to be twitter based while giving us things we have a ton of already. And I am not the only one saying this. Youtubers, youtube comments, both global and JP have been saying this.

I already have a ton of salon passes in my storage as do many people. We aren't changing our characters 24/7 so why not switch out salon passes for awhile with N-color change passes?

I have been trying to keep civil about it and not go full cursing (unlike JP that have been ripping you guys a new one) but at this point I don't even want to scratch anymore seeing how I end up looking like a clown since I and so many others can't even change the colors to match our bodypaints and haircolors.

Its 2021, No other MMO is handling basic color changing as horribly as this game.

You can't keep asking your community to do all this stuff for YOU while giving us nothing truly worthwhile in return. Especially those of us that really REALLY don't want to participate in the constantly twitter campaigns. I would if I could get a color change but as it stands right now, I really don't need more star gems that are currently useless, or more salon passes when I have a bunch sitting in my storage, or more minerals which I already get every day for log in bonus/easily grindable zones.

Please, Sega...read your youtube comments and see how frustrated people are about the color changing, especially those people that play cast that are stuck looking like walking ice cream trucks instead of mechs since they cant change their colors.

Sincerely, A person trying to not lose their cool in frustration of hating the way their outfit looks because of the ugly mishmash color.

I agree on how we are not getting the N-Color Change Pass like we should, the original color change pass used to be handed out like candy when PSO2 had Mission Pass, and that also where got a bunch of salon passes.

Its very annoying to get a nice fashion item out of the bloated SG scratch (even just on the free daily one), but its unable to be used since the default colors are lousy, and the N-Color Change Pass is locked behind paywalls (AC scratch bonuses or day 21 of the premium side on the login stamps).

Besides the lack of this pass, there is also a severe lack of NGS compatible CAST parts, another thing that needs to be fixed, have had several scratches already and only one of them had CAST parts in it, but they were an ugly set, not to mention the default sets are not so great either. Until we finally get some decent NGS compatible CAST parts, I will keep using my PSO2 sets, just I can't use any hand poses on my main character (my alt doesn't have this problem since she is not a CAST)

Why not put the N-Color Change Pass in the item exchange shop, and we can use the pile of four star weapons and units for a currency item that can be used for the pass, a universal SG scratch choice ticket, and other useful items.

At this point I don't think sega will listen. The game has been out for awhile now and they still haven't really been listening to player feedback. The survey they had all of us take was still them asking people to buy more scratches or asking why we aren't buying more scratches.

  1. f2p cant even access selling on the shop so why would they scratch more if they can't sell what they don't want to keep.
  2. people that do scratch don't want to be stuck with a color that SEGA chose for an outfit if it doesn't fit anything you are already wearing
  3. if you don't like the way you look you won't want to play anymore. Can't forget about the RPG part of MMORPG.
  4. NGS isn't the only anime game in town anymore and isn't the biggest japanese MMO anymore. That honor goes to FF14

They gotta do better. I was on the most full block earlier today and I went an hour without seeing anyone grinding. I did 3pse bursts on my own because the playerbase is getting fed up. The campaigns require twitter, the rewards are just basic things we get for daily log ins, and f2p cant even sell the stuff they don't want, on top of when you do scratch you get a color you don't want and would never use.

some korean person is spamming the forums pushing all the topics to the bottom. I hope they get banned so that sega can see the posts of people actually giving suggestions

@kaipurge-0 That is just the latest in a spam bot that has shown up since Sega has been actively banning the scambots in-game.

Any time you see that spam bot, just flag the profile and the GMs will ban it, I have doing this ever since those damn things started showing up.

yea after scratching again today, I have decided I will no longer be scratching in the game anymore. Got another ugly colored duplicate that doesnt match my skin or my outerwear, hair or my bodypaint. If it wear it I will literally and I mean literally not figuratively would look like a clown and not a well dressed joker looking clown but a childrens birthday party mixed up colors bozo clown. I am beyond done. The higher textures and finger movement isn't worth the foolishness of wearing this

I'm just going to wait until mission pass comes back. If there are no N-Color-Change passes there, i guess were stuck with horrible colors on clothing. That would be sad.

Thats if they bring mission pass back, and if their are still people playing by the time they bring it back LOL. I don't even think they should make us wait for mission pass. Things that worked back in phantasy star universe days or even early pso2 days don't fit in the modern MMO landscape. The way I(and all the JP/global youtube comments) have put it are as follows

  1. either remove the need for color change passes and just let everyone change colors whenever they want

  2. or let people buy the color pass with star gems

  3. or rotate out the salon passes with color change passes for awhile.

The game is currently nothing but fashion so if they want it to be so fashion focused then they need to give you more freedom color wise.

I guarantee they would get more people scratching if everyone could change the color of what they get.

but lets be honest, they have yet to listen to anyones feedback about anything in the game whatsoever so far.

Want regular paying customers?

Give premium users free access to color changes.
So many players are giving up premium service cause it's just not worth it in NGS right now.

Much better that predatory monetization with the lotto AC bonuses, no?

I'm throwing in support for this. You don't make more sales locking basic features behind such paywalls, in fact you make far less. You remove options from what the older player base could do, so they decide to leave, or quit playing as much, and new players compare it to other games, which reduces incentives for them to want to support the game. And the only other games that charge for something so basic as a color change, on average are heavily scrutinized.