Is there a comprehensive list of everything they changed/censored?

As the title says, is there a comprehensive and full list of all the changes, censorship, missing items/events and differences between JP and NA?

Also, let us keep this thread purely informative and leave our personal opinions on the changes (Mine are strong) outside.

I would like for this thread to simply be a source of information and comparison for people like me, used to the Japanese game.

Thank you.

P.S: I will edit the title and this first post with all the collected information once we have enough.

I've seen few people who were muted for 7-30 days because they were spamming nude symbol arts and hate speech symbol arts.

Some were just banned because.

Obligatory alt text

Edit: ok, now I feel bad for posting dank memes without contributing to the topic but Use the search before opening new topic dangnabit

Height restriction. No Minisuit. Episode 4 cut contents. PSO2Comi....

@Lolicon hey necromancer stop reviving post or you will end up suffering the consequences, not only you are not helping in anything but you are also posting stuff that were already said before, there's a post with almost 2k messages over all the situation of censoring so before going eveywhere reviving stuff why don't you check if it was not said before.

Just gonna call it out that it's more than obvious you're trying to force the issue, bumping old threads like this.

Even if it's an important subject to you, this isn't the way to go about it, and will only just drive people to ignore you and anything you post/bump, not to mention the potential for higher levels of moderation.

Consider this a warning in good faith: you need to let this go.

Here we going again. This conversation is on the suggestion thread where it is safe to discuss. But here don’t be surprised if this topic of discussion gets closed. So let me read where this conversation is going and if I need to chime in.

@RainGnyu Well, just bring your popcorn. 🍿

ngl with all the chaos here, I won't be surprised if they end up shutting down the forums

@RainGnyu Ppl crying too much about things that doesnt affect gameplay at all. Im enjoying the cry... until it gets locked by GM lol.

@Kan For the actions of one or a few immature people?

Wouldn't the easier answer be to suspend or ban the ones going too far rather than affect the larger majority who isn't doing anything wrong?

@ThirdChild-ZKI Perhaps, you're probably right, though I cannot help but view this from GMs' perspective. I doubt banning all them accounts or even IP is going to be as easy as it sounds. I am quite inexperienced at dealing with such situations but at this rate when people starting to target the GMs and continuously creating problems for them, I just tend to relate all this to those employees who have their jobs made 10x harder just because of some stupid mob being childish & stubborn af, and end up quitting in the end.

(Yea this probably went off topic but do mind thats its just a POV & my opinion, peace)

Stop bumping a necroed thread. Just let it end.