I have been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 after 3 to 4 months since it came out and i used to have it and it would not do these things that i want to talk about. The game menu is a buggy mess no, not the game. Gameplay is pretty solid but the launcher and the microsoft store. I want to play the game but jesus it's not even opening, Files that were there just dissappeared and the game is still there and not opening. I opened the microsoft store and the game is just reloading, it isnt doing anything i closed it and open it just to see and sure enough its not doing nothing. I tried repairing both i tried updating everything and i have over 100 gbs of storage used by this game and it cant even be opened. I think the microsoft store stores your data but i dont want it to, not on my pc. I want to play and cant, i even remember right before this happened again the game used to show, (Mismatch of client's version) I updated the game from sctrach and literally nothing. I tried everything and nothing. This game is literally the only game i have headaches about playing or atleast attempt because its just going to be a pain and not even going to be fun when i know its not going to play, i know the moment i try it will just do nothing. I know what everyone is going to say, why not use the steam version or tweak? It is because i dont want it messing up my data or get any issues or anymore than what i already have. Someone please help me get this thing off my computer to get space or atleast fix it to atleast have use of and not just be there doing nothing and taking up space. It's like everytime this game updates it's just a issue to get it launch again. and the only File in the game guard bin is a (dump_wmimmc.sys) file... I searched about it and some sources say its like a crash folder of some kind, I am pretty confused about that but apart from that i dont know. If anyone have any solutions to fix this without resetting my pc or using third party software that would be helpful thanks.