Search and destroy urgent quest! GM/Dev team activated event idea.

Just and idea and or suggestion to spice up the open world activities. How this would work I believe is that the GM/Dev team would schedule this search and destroy event only among the Sega team only (The community doesn’t know of this schedule event). An event that could take up four hours to defeat this super new looking boss on different blocks. This event would not be on every block at the same time but the GM/Dev control boss could move between block just like a community player. Which the GM/Dev would control like if they were a player themselves fighting bosses in the open world, except the bosses are the community. The drops would be Epic if the GM control boss is defeated within the four time limit.

Just a suggestion idea! Plus I think it would give the Dev Team a fresh perspective of the community.

I'd guess that you're a moderator with a chip on your shoulder for suggesting something like this, but i imagine nobody like you would get into a position of power with the obvious powertrip that would entail.