This game should let you rejoin advance quest if it crashes, it's not fair

Multiple millions of mesta wasted, rare boost wasted, hogh % tri boost wasted.

All in the first 5 minutes of abandoned mine advanced quest super hard. When lightning bolting a enemy pso crashed me back to log in.

After logging in will not let me return to mission.

Why would they punish you in such a cruel way. It should let you rejoin mission you crash out of. Especially ones that cost insane amounts of capsules/mesta to join!

Yeah this thing has been pretty bad since JP. Like even in best UQ run, if you get 630'd or something bad happens for a quick sec, you lose that progression and have to rejoin in the benchwarmer run, which is a lot worse.

It's quite punishing when it comes down to this. I really hope PSO2 devs would fix this issue where they can allow the dc'ed players can return to the game if it's within 5-10 mins gap without receiving penalties, but I think that's how the engine is made.