Pso2 Base Economy

Dear Sega, I'm here to talk about the economy on the base game of pso2 I believe that the economy is unbalanced and, I think a way to fix this is to make the player shop Meseta limit of sealing items to max 80,000 or 85,000 also the NPC named Chroto should have time attack quest with a reward of 8,000 Maseta for completing

This is an absolutely terrible idea as there are some stuff that is worth 1-3B because of how hard it is to obtain or how old it is is that's such a low amount of cash that nobody would use the marketplace

I have stuff from a collaboration event that I missed and all the items in there are worth 100M-700M because of how desired and how rare they are

@StarWind27 Pariah is right, terrible idea. Especially seeing as doing the weekly challenges on average nets you 500k+ Meseta, and most active players consistently have that. You need the money to go somewhere to drain inflation, not take away the players right to set their own prices, and not inject more money into a problem where having too much money already in market is the problem. You obviously don't understand how transactional markets work, the real issue isn't in initial sales, but with scalpers that buy items that players put up for more reasonable prices, and then resell after they have the monopoly of the product. You combine that with a drop in players due to lack of story, or loop content with replay values, and you have a low supply, in high demand issue, where the scalpers that have the monoply on what little there already is, set the prices.

Just look at console shortages, and how Xbox/PlayStation consoles where hard to get, and are likely still hard to get, because scalpers buy up the stock at the flat rates set by the distributor, and then resold on eBay for upwards of a thousand dollars or more. You need to apply real world economics to the in game player market to understand how to fix the issue, and your solution is not the fix.

Terrible idea.

What's bad is that the alternative fashion sources are pretty much gone.
For players who wants to avoid spending unobtainable meseta fashion.
I'm talking about Mission Pass, Fresh Finds, & maybe FUN scratches.
(haven't compared to see if current FUN renewal fashion is complete or not).

if anything, I think what we needed was for grinders and anything else we could convert EX-Cubes into to have their vendor price dropped down to 2 meseta; then like, we'd need something else to channel the unending fountain of cubes from Ultra Cradle/Mothership into.

Oh yeah it might help if there were more things in the NPC vendors to spend meseta on that could help siphon off the access, like augment capsules or even just units with a set of useful augments on them. or even RB5s/UWBs and even Mission Badges.

we still never got an equivalent to the JP server's 2021 badge exchange; which still gives out Rinser weapons and few neat weapon camos (like a black/green recolor of *Concert Master)