Now hear me out: I was thinking we could have a "No More Heros" collaboration in the future once SEGA settles things going on with the game.

It's not outlandish to think of when you put it to mind. Sega and Nintendo have done collabs before with separate games, but I like to think it's possible to do it here as well. It could even add in a good introduction of street wear from no more heros into PSO2: NGS. This could also mean new CAST parts and possibly flashy and strange clothing with all the different types of bosses.

With the recent installment of No More Heros 3, they can also add in event specific enemies unique to the event that match the Dolls stretchy limbs, perhaps even a random or guaranteed trigger of some kind for a boss encounter from one of the NMH games.

I'm aware it might be a little too early to be dreaming this far into the future, especially with the fact that the game is still just lifting off it's feet. I am also not aware of anyone else who shares the same sentiment or if it is even remotely possible to begin with considering the efforts needed to take place for something to happen in the slightest. Though things are bleak, I figure we could at least consider the possibilities of the future instead of focusing on the rough parts atm. Your thoughts?