Ring question

I have levelled up my tech charge parry to level 10. Now want to make a defense ring, which is a tech charge parry and illusion ring. Will I lose the ring's level of I combine both the tech charge and illusion?

Technically when getting a Combined Ring, you are not actually combining the Rings, rather you are using them to purchase the new Ring. This means that the new Ring will be at level 1, but it has the level 20 effects of the other Rings.

Thank you for very much, I almost destroyed the ring

Mind, I would recommend getting that combined Ring once you get both of the constituent rings to lv20 (which they need to be at to even purchase the new Ring in the first place); the only "loss" to doing so is the minuscule stats that you get to pick at each level, and in the grand scheme of things, those are negligible. Plus those stats will mean even less since those don't transfer over when you combine a Ring with a 12* Unit.