Sonic Collaboration Edition

Ok so I searched first and no one else has posted this question. I decided to buy the Sonic Collaboration Edition. My question is where do I find any of the items? It's not showing up anywhere! No Premium Tickets or anything!

Campaign Items > Purchased in the Visiphone.

Sometimes they will be automatically moved to the storage tabs (such as furniture.)

@coldreactive thx for your help, CR!

They werent moved to mine. Mines missing. I have looked everywhere. All I seem to have gotten from the visiphone is xp pots and the like. None of the sonic items and def not the premium pass. Im at a loss right now. I have cheecked every inventory and storage tab and there is nothing left for me to take from visiphone.

I'm also missing mine. I bought my Sonic Collaboration edition today after installing the base game yesterday. I hope I don't need to uninstall the game because I read people are having issues reinstalling. I don't have it in my visiphone and it's not in my inventory either. 😞

Anyone solved that issue? I bought mine today too and I don't see anything.

I bought mine this morning, was curious why it wasn't showing up in inventory. Went to visiphone and it was in there along with the "apology" items and stuff i have never picked up. What a convoluted system for no good reason.

So i suppose 4-5 hours after mine was in visiphone, though i never checked earlier so it may have been immediate.