Post lvl35 content for Mission Pass or augment to tier mission list

After completing the mission pass the tier missions become a frustrating reminder of the being little more to do.

I don't think making the mission pass longer is a, good idea but

If I may make a suggestion that completion of tier missions there is some small reward only recieved after level 35 is nade.

Could be anything like 15k exp tokens or 100 fun points just so that completion of a few tasks even if unneeded has soem form of value. As it is now its frustrating for a completion jst sense to get all those mission lists to 0 but be receiving nothing for it than absolute minimal meseta and exp

You should consider doing the Episode 1 - 3 story missions/quests if you haven't yet. You get a ton of SG Tickets, and some Tri-boosts for certain titles/etc. for completing certain parts of the old story. If you're Summoner main, you can easily do a lot of the story quests up until mid-way through Episode 3 at level 30ish.