What PSO2 Live Concerts should get a NGS version (when they get implemented)?

Pretty self-explanatory.

Live Concerts are a iconic part of PSO2 lobbying experience, and since Central City has a (of Sept/2021) largely unused stage, having them happening on NGS too would be pretty fun! And that made me wonder: what if NGS updated some PSO2 stages and brought them back?

Let's talk about some of our favorite lives and hope they get a revamp!

For me, I'd love to see how Online Game Addict Sprechchoir would look on Central City! A Hatsune Miku NPC walking around for the minutes preceding the event, and recreating the PSO2-inspired MV from the games in the new areas when the time comes would be great!

What about you, fellow ARKS? Any concert you miss and wish to have again?

Shouldn't all the performers be dead by now?

Also, since the "lobby" doesn't have multiple areas anymore, i'd rather they don't add any concerts to brutalize my eyes and ears.

The most obvious one to bring back would be Rare Drop Koi Koi. It was by far the most popular in base PSO2. I would like to see them all return personally. Mix the old with new to keep things fresh.

@Yggranya There is a sitting area in Central City where the music changes as you approach it, this would more than likely be the same for concerts too.

@HermitST Then they could just make that area a zone of its own, so you only see the concert if you enter it.

Calliope Mori and George

@Yggranya We're still in a Schrödinger Oracle situation where nobody is confirmed either dead or alive (except the player), so anything goes. And, as you said, they could flag the stage as an isolated area during lives so only spectators could see the interactions.

@Durakken Well, they're already on Ship 04, so even if SEGA doesn't do it nothing stops them from doing it in person! imagining Calliope typing rap on the chat

@Akiyama But are they the same they were in PSO2? Maybe they're a clone. Not like it matters since they'll be a goody two-shoes regardless.

Most likely the writing will never go into it too deeply to avoid making any real connections, and any old character showing up is more time travel/multiverse/dimensional nonsense.

Id like it if they had some characters unique to ngs rather than reuse any characters, at least in the beginning, like Quna to Pso2. Collaboration characters i think should be a lower priority.