Option for non-AVX executable

Until the New Genesis update, PSO2 worked in my 2020 laptop. As I understand the New Genesis update ships an executable that uses AVX instructions and some modern laptops (like mine, purchased in 2020) still use processors that don't support AVX and thus can't play the game (even using Intel SDE emulator).

I believe it's straightforward for the game to have an executable which doesn't use AVX instructions. Depending on which game engine PSO2 is made on, the developers can distribute such executable as an alternative.

To clarify, for Windows, pso2.exe has just 2 MB and must have little code. So I mean, why not ship another same executable/machine-code without AVX use? Or probably it's some DLL that uses AVX, not sure, but I guess it's that executable.

... If PSO2 uses the same game engine before New Genesis update, then I'm very certain the game engine is providing the developers the option to produce or not AVX instructions.

Thanks for the attention.

When the NGS Update was launched and the Graphics Update before that, the engine was changed. It is no longer on the same engine as pre-NGS. Also, I doubt the exe is what makes the AVX requirement. It is more likely to be the files that make up the game, which numbers over 100,000.

@Ragnawind I think most of the thousands of files are resources, such as textures, 3D models, movies, localization, sounds and so on. It'd not make sense to have various different executables.