Rainbow Keys and AC Badge Limited Shop and MORE

Hello. Not sure if anyone is going to read this to be honest given the state of things currently. However, I think there are a few things that need to be addressed (which should be simple enough to do as they already existed):

First, the change on JP regarding Rainbow Keys from recommended chests needs to be added to global/NA. Otherwise we lack the ability to obtain them AND some of the unique rewards within.

Second, the limited AC Swap reward shop in global should be cycled in and out still. It has unique options that are otherwise removed entirely.

Third, some affixes such as Reaper: Weak to Fire and Reaper: Weak to Lightning were apparently never added to NA. This seems odd and wouldn't be all that complicated. For that matter, there is a fair amount of content still on the JP base version that could be ported over to NA. While translations might be a little work (cannot say there myself) it would be minimal work for quite the fair bit of appreciation. For example, the instruments for private quarters like the baby grand piano, drum set, and so on. Or the rest of the weapon camos.

Four, still cycle in the improved boost weeks to base. This wouldn't take anything at all and would be good for engagement.

There is a LOT of content in base. But its these small things listed above that would help to keep things lively while requiring minimal effort on the side of corporate. The unique situation where you have both games connected and running offers a great opportunity for you. You seem to be doing bursts of content in NGS with 6 month periods. And the base lobbies are still quite populated given the lack of things to do in NGS. I guess what Im trying to say is that there are ways to minimize resource drain while encouraging your consumer engagement.

Finally, as a personal note, I think adding private quarters to NGS would have great results. That or find ways to engage alliances more. You seem to have taken an open world approach without considering the player base interactions. Essentially, what Blizzard did to crash their player base. And, quite frankly, you don't have the same starting size of player base to risk losing.

Well said OP.

OPEN YOUR EYES SEGA GLOBAL. JP has these QOL improvements implemented to base game already, WHY CAN’T GLOBAL get any of these as well? @GMs?? hello??

I could be wrong but I'd heard Global does have Tokyo Bonus Key: Rainbow dropping from Recommended Quests' present, has always had Reaper: Weak to Fire and Reaper: Weak to Lightning, and does get the old boost week boosts rolled into PSO2 Day as was announced?

I just think they should not bother doing anything for base game anymore unless there's something majorly broken other priorities should be elsewhere yes it is a shame that people are missing out on certain aspects but the game is around 8 years old now I would rather them put time and effort into Genesis than into a game that most people have completed and only a few new people are hopping onto

That's a fair opinion. However, what I mentioned above isn't new. It already exists. The resources needed would be minimal at best. While the benefits SEGA obtained in doing so would exceed the resources applied. So what I was suggesting, in simpler terms, was to finish transferring the work they finished. There wouldn't be bugs to work out, etc. They know it works.

So, @Drakaina , the question becomes this. The player that are present already spend some time in both PSO2 base and NGS (the ships are always in use). There is an extremely small amount of new players, and those that are new and haven't left due to the NGS release schedule, are already starting to look at PSO2 base for things like SG, FUN, and PQ stuff. NOTHING you do or wish for at the moment is going to change their release schedule of 6 month blocks. Therefore, @Drakaina , do you want them to spend just a week or two transferring content over to faithfully put the base game into the maintenance stage of its lifespan, OR would you rather have blaring gaps in NGS where people are bored and leave (and they are leaving) AND have the people that are still here and debating about leaving because they can't effectively complete small things in PSO base.

You need a player base to play the game you put resources into. And furthermore, its a niche game to begin with. While yes, its F2P, the revenue is based on their AC sales for fashion and affixes. This is why they linked the games to begin with. They didn't want to enrage the player base losing their fashion. But now they're starting to lose them regardless for some of the issues mentioned above. In any other F2P game there is a fine balance between incentive to impulse buy or gate keeping to accomplish the same thing. However, what we're seeing here is F2P with no incentive. Nothing really driving the desire for buying anything. I've already seen a fair portion of players shifting to free from sub because they honestly think this game is crashing and burning from mismanagement. And before anyone goes "well that's why they need to focus on new content" you're missing the whole 6 month release block issue.

@Miraglyth The PSO2 day stuff is set at 10%. I'm talking about tossing in the random 20%, etc. Not even consistently, just randomly. The rainbow keys were only in JP. Global has lost them. And if those two reapers exist, I wasn't able to find them for over a year of looking. They dropped in stuff in JP that didn't happen in global and we weren't given an alternative method.

@SPRosse01 said in Rainbow Keys and AC Badge Limited Shop and MORE:

The rainbow keys were only in JP. Global has lost them. And if those two reapers exist, I wasn't able to find them for over a year of looking.

Fair point on the Reaper augments. I can't see either of those (or Dark/Darkness, for that matter) in the player shops.

Still I'd be confident the Rainbow Key omission was just an omission on the announcement. Heck knows PSO2 Global had a lot of JP-matching announcements that didn't contain all the detail (such as the Rewind scratch prize lists) and when many of those arrived on Global we got everything that was in the JP announcement including the stuff omitted from the hasty Global translation.