Photon Dash an Photon Glide Movement Speed Increase

I know this has been suggested in the past, but I wanted to check back in about this topic again to see if people may have changed their minds about this suggestion after having spent all the time we have exploring the Aelio region. One of the arguments I saw people make against this was that if the movement speed was increased then you could just fly around the whole map too easily.

I don't know about everyone else, but after exploring the map, I haven't seen one reason why that would be an issue, there's not much in the region where even if that were possible, it would actually be an issue. If the Aelio region is anything to go by, I'm assuming this probably wouldn't be an issue in the other regions either.

I'm personally fine with either one of two options for the movement speed of these being increased, these options being, increasing the speed of both of these in general, or just increasing the initial speed of them and making them slow back to the normal speed over time. Photon Glide is slower than Photon Dash so I think it needs any kind of speed increase even more, but either way I feel like in combat both of these are just a little too slow, especially when compared to some movement options in base PSO2, and considering how much more enemies in NGS move than in base PSO2.

Because of vague answers in previous topics about this, this time I want to phrase this as a question that should result in less vague answers (like people saying they don't mind the current speed, that could mean two things, it could mean they just don't care what the speed is, and would be fine with any speed, but it could also mean they're against the movement speed being increased for these), anyway the question is:

Would you be opposed to the movement speed of the Photon Dash and Photon Glide being increased?

I want to be allowed to control your glide like in the Batman games

Glide could get a speed boost, dash fills the sustained movement option well as it is. I'd rather get a burst movement option between the current evade and dash, like Luster's double dash. Something for like when Pettas enemies do their big strafing jump, since all the current options but dash fall short. Makes it feel like the fight just stops for a second, since it's not far enough to where you have to actually react to a shot follow up like with the Vera.

@AiC-L Aight but would you be opposed to the speed of the Photon Dash being increased? That was the question and you still answered it vaguely in a way that could either mean that you don't want the speed to be increased, or that you just don't care whether it is or not.

Glide can use a speed boost to match Dash speed. Dash is fine the way it is, can care less whether they increase the speed or not.

But really, what's the hurry. In combat it's one thing but I really dislike how so many games are making traveling a non-existent thing, you just teleport/fly everywhere.

In the opening cinematic you can see the character control the Photon Glide with the decension and at a much faster rate

The Photon dash is pathetically slow it should be on the speed of faster than Usain Bolt

And the comment you may @HarmlessSyan because I've game wild increase in size both in horizontal and vertical you need to be allowed to teleport around the map or it is up a extraordinary amount of time

I would like to hear your opinion on why you're against it

It makes the world insignificant, why even bother making it so big if the players are just going to ignore it. I'm not saying removing all teleports but if you are going to make an open world game - get the players to use the world.

Another common thing that players in several games with open world games have asked for is the sense of danger outside of safe areas. Right now outside of Gigantix, there are nothing in the open world that can really hurt players. I miss more challenging content like Divide Quest or the Risk Explorations/Ultimates where you can actually die if you aren't careful. But it becomes completely pointless if you can just teleport/fly/dash past all hostiles.

Maybe put a time cooldown on the teleporters

I want enemies like masquerada / phaleg

I don't get the argument about the teleporters. You have to have gone to the area in the first place to teleport there. Having to walk there every single time you want to go back there would just be really annoying.

@HarmlessSyan said in Photon Dash an Photon Glide Movement Speed Increase:

It makes the world insignificant, why even bother making it so big if the players are just going to ignore it.

People who ignore it won't stop to smell the roses just because they move slower, and moving faster won't make you appreciate it any less, right? I don't see what you're trying to prove. The world is full of nothing but enemies to kill anyway, since there are no secrets. NGS is the perfect example of an open world that is a barren, insignificant as you put it.

Why stop to look at the horizon when the area is completely empty except for that pettas sword behind you winding up to skewer you?

Indeed, "why even bother making it so big" is a really good question. I wonder how much more they could have done if they didn't waste time on the utterly pointless "open world". How much faster would they add a new area if it wasn't just a killing field with way too much space for what it is.

@Yggranya That is a good point actually. I wonder if the areas were smaller how much less work each area would take. I don't think they're thorough enough for it to take until Winter, but they made the schedule and don't want to do it earlier even if they do all the testing they'll ever do.

They definitely do need more in the open world though, otherwise what's the point of the openness. Once you saw the scenery you saw it, you can't re-experience it even it you like what you see, so it's not enough.

I worry the desert region will be even more boring too because well in real life they're pretty boring. Eventually everything in a desert just looks exactly the same.

@Riesz I'd put myself as supportive of speed increase as a concept, but concerned about execution. I tentatively support it being changed since I do feel that it's just barely too slow for exploration when you're running really long stretches. You really notice it during the north-south run along the western cliff in South Aelio, or the teleporter to Mag run in the east half. For me personally it's a minor issue, but if others really want it changed I'd back it.

As a caveat, I would oppose increasing Photon Dash speed if it also implies that literally nothing else changes to address the issues it would cause. Stuff like overtuning it so that platforming becomes difficult, having run and dash have too big of a difference causing issues where you're either running too slow or dashing so fast you can't take in the world (assuming the upcoming areas are worth looking at), or making gap closers other than dash useless in comparison. Normally I wouldn't even bother mentioning that stuff, but the current state of the game doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that they'll get it right on the first shot.

@AiC-L I don't really see that being much of an issue, because of the various attacks classes have that slow you down by a considerable amount (like they straight up just overwrite your movement speed with their value, they don't consider your previous speed). Even if they didn't do this right, you could always just use them to stop at the right time. I don't know if every class will be like that, but what I've seen of all the classes we have so far, they all have an attack that does that, whether from Photon Art, Normal Attack or Weapon Action.

At the current speed overshooting is never an issue, so if they did increase the speed, I don't see them increasing it by so much where it would result in overshooting, since the platforms are usually big enough that you would be able to stop in time whether from the attacks, or just from you directional input. even if your trajectory would normally result in you going too far.

In the dengeki interview Arai mentioned that it used to be faster in the earlier build but they changed it because it became difficult to control.

Imo they should crank up the speed a little more at the very least. Also give movement PAs more range. Right now it's really short and if you use them out of their short range you just attack normally without actually moving.

@Zenny Wait really, that's such a dumb reason for them to lower the speed, they had things that moved you faster in Base PSO2 that controlled similarly so that doesn't really make sense lol. I also heard someone say once that they didn't include movement like the dash panels as a standard ability in base pso2 because people got dizzy, yet they made multiple maps that used them anyway.

Also SEGA also created the boost mechanic in the Sonic games, that is definitely hard to control, because it moves so fast you can barely even turn in the 3D gameplay games that feature it. Plus like the movement speed in SA2 and especially Sonic Heroes is much faster than the NGS speed, yet people can still control them fine.