Best daggers?

Quick question, I have twin kamuy and thrust revolsio but which potential is the best out of the both? Wanna know so I can start upgrading.

Revolsio's is the more consistent of the two since it is simply a damage increase (8%) for performing your Perfect Attack timing right. Unless they are using the 11* version as the basis for its Potentials, Kamuy's is stronger (17% damage), but it is very conditional since it will mostly only be active when you are using Overload, where your HP is capped at that 25% that is needed to activate the Potential.

Basically, if you are all in on the glass-cannon aspect of Fighter and keeping up Overload as often as possible, Twin Kamuy is your go to, but if you want to be safer and more consistent, Revolsio is your choice.

Damn, that’s a hard decision! Thanks a lot for the response!!!