Future of pso2

I was just wondering if anyone knows if the devs or admins know if the player cap is going to be 100+ anytime in the near future? And is there a way to make changing the photon weapon color easier or cantge devs make it where the photon color matched what the element is of the weapon,and would it be possible to make getting color change passes easier to obtain?

For reference, on the Japanese server, the level cap was just raised to 95 at the beginning of February of this year, the level 90 cap increase was in late December of 2018, the lv85 cap in May 2018, lv80 in March 2017, and lv75 was November 2014. As you can see, there is no real rhyme or reason to this, so its anyone's guess as to if/when they are going to increase it again.

As for Color Change Passes, assuming they eventually revise the Log-In Stamps rewards to match the Japanese server, you will be able to get one from there as stamp #10 out of 30. Other than that, it's just a matter of how often they start giving out Rappy Suits, since non-seasonal ones can be traded in for a Color Change Pass at Swap Shop 2.

Adding to what AndlCh said, another way we can get Color-Change Pass is from Mission Pass Gold. Currently, the gold reward of tier 20 has one. So maybe we can expect the next season of Mission Pass has a Color-Change Pass too (probably as a gold reward).

Also we can exchange Color-Change Pass at swap shop for 14 AC scratch items. This might sound as a rip-off, but we can buy cheap male outfits from the current Recruit Line scratch selection, so we can effectively buy a pass with less than 1M Meseta (in Ship 01, as for now).

Finally, they might hand out the pass for a reward of some seasonal events. This is a point we can only pray. Hope something comes in April 🙂

@Fiona-Respha ive already maxed out my mission pass

I think only certain weapons allow you to change the colour of their photon.