Adjustments To Xbox Exclusive Privacy Option

I've run into at least two users utilizing these options on Ship 3 and it really freaks me out.

I was hoping that there could be some adjustments to the "This User Cannot Be Interacted With" and the Zero textual display.

Can you please remove the lack of text display above an Xbox private mode user and replace it with "User In Private Mode"?

It really freaks me out seeing these invisibility options out in the field and I end up thinking that legit users are hackers.


Both users had character melanin 5 shades deeper than my character.

So considering recent events, it's understandable for them to go into Private Mode.

Sorry Vicious for bailing on you in a panic.


I've never owned an Xbox, so this sort of Privacy Settings is something I'd never had know without the Official Discord.

What is this mode could you provide a picture

@Drakaina I don't have an Xbox so I can't show you how this option is done, nor do I know how it looks on an xbox user's end.

All I know is that the Discord players said it was a feature that only Xbox users have.

So because I'm on PC- I freaked out and thought it was a hacker because I couldn't see the player menu when clicking on users who don't have information [Character Name/Alliance] listed above the character. (While everyone else did have text and could have the menu pop up.)

I asked the Discord to confirm if it was a hack before sending in a ticket report. (Thankfully none was sent.)

Tbh, "User Cannot Be Interacted With" does sound too much like a hack to me rather than an Xbox feature.

I only know that one of those users was a more than likely a Twitch username based off of Nearby Characters.

Don't know the specific channel, nor do I think they'd be wanting me to announce it on the forums.

If you ask nicely, maybe an Xbox PSO2 NGS Twitch streamer will drop some screenshots on their social media.

Reddit Post of Option menu clips From 1 year ago.

is not a feature from the Xbox is from Microsoft, it is a privacy configuration that need to be changed in order to stop blocking communication because by standard is selected to block then and it was supposed to work on pc too.

for what I know this cannot be changed in the Xbox it needs to be done by accessing Microsoft account homepage to change there like is with PC also Sega can't do much over this because is a feature created by Microsoft.

@Jamesmor I see. But maybe the staff could forward the concerns?

@MasterDarkwingz they already did, people had issues before with the privacy of Microsoft there was even a post to show how to change it but it was when PSO2 server was open for pc players

So lazy little Failsoft still hasn't fixed it... yeesh.

Don't go blaming me for thinking the legit user was a hacker.

Imagine if a mistake like what I did were made on a livestream.

There'd be a repeat of the FUD situation cause someone is bound to false flag with that glitch.