Anyone notice more and more people drop halfway through Mining Defense UQ?

Recently I would start with 8/8 and by the 3rd wave it'd be 5/8 or 6/8. Anyone notice the same?

I see that on the JP side there are some trolls abandoning the UQ to find "better" random parties. Are we seeing the same on the Global side as well?

I once started with 8/8 and then by wave 2 realised we were at 3/8. We weren't even doing that badly.

I also notice people afking during the UQ.

I think maybe they need to up the party size some. Maybe it'll encourage more to stay since they won't be pressured with as much responsibility like in old PSO2.

I had a party bail out when a defense UQ was only 7/8, it would have been a full run but someone in my party crashed in transit, and those moron randoms who left don't realize the run is possible even with one person short.

What was left of my party had to bail since only having 3/8 at the start of the defense UQ would have been a disaster, and the run would not be worth it.

@kztm said in Anyone notice more and more people drop halfway through Mining Defense UQ?:

I see that on the JP side there are some trolls abandoning the UQ to find "better" random parties. Are we seeing the same on the Global side as well?

So far I've only had 1 mining defense fall apart, ran it over 10 times by now. But it isn't all that rare for the server to drop people/lose people in UQs, I've had Pettas Vera run that ended up 3/8 even though we still finished it with 3.

I just had 3 people abandon because I was level 14. If you can get in the UQ then you should be able to handle the UQ and at lvl 14 I can handle that UQ... What can't be handled is 5/8 full party v.v

But suppose I couldn't because I was lvl 14, then the UQ should not be accessible to lvl 14. Honestly, the way that level restrictions and such are structured the whole thing is rater asinine. They want to make BP important but then they restrict by level... but then they also restrict by BP but not consistently and it makes no sense that if I have a BP of say 1400 and am lvl 14 I should be having my damage output or damage taken debuffed/buffed. That makes little sense.

Level give you a minimal BP to restrict you from certain things... It is consistent and within a few BP across all classes so all restrictions should match up to that BP per level... and then there should be no reduction in damage because my BP shouldn't be anywhere close to anything outside my level range in the first place. They've messed up the scaling so badly that it messes with how UQs are handled.

For many of us, the rewards from UQs don't even matter anymore. For Mining Base specifically, we chase the 100% for the sheer satisfaction of doing it. Anything else is not good, below 90% is a horrible, inexcusable fail. And yes, this is all with full pugs. So yeah, many of us will immediately bounce out of mining UQ if the pug is disastrous or even just not competent enough to give a good finish on the UQ. But I think this only happens at most 50% of the time, and usually only around or after wave 5.

If you see anyone leaving by waves 1-4, chances are they DC-ed or their friend DC-ed and they're bailing out to catch their friends. It's totally fine to reset if you see multiple people leaving because the game leaves us no way to rejoin a UQ after whatever shit happens and we DC/crash. In these scenarios, people will usually announce it before leaving, so that's okay too. I'd say this is the majority of the cases, people just crash out, and their friends follow.

@Lanre Maybe make a static group to get 100% chance of 100% success. No need to waste other players time on your obsession.

@Yggranya less obsession as much as the game's too fucking easy, if you're not getting 100% in mining UQ you're either actively AFK or grossly incompetent to the point of griefing. Leaving at wave 4-5 to ditch bad players is always going to be a thing as long as they keep UQs to 1 clear only per pop of the UQ. Just don't be a sandbag.

But like I said, those are always minority cases. 90% of the pug groups I've run into don't lose a single % of tower hp until wave 5. The only times I've seen people leaving in weeks is when their friend got nuked out by a disconnect/crash, and we all reset. That's the norm, and again, just reset.

@Lanre Yes, everyone doing what they are supposed to be doing in a mission is a TRUE challenge. If the game is too easy, one would think having more work while playing with less competent/min-maxed players would be a godsend.

Anyway, you do know that doing it with a group of people who have proven that they can do it up to your standards makes it more consistent and faster, right? If you enjoy dealing with the RNG of pugs, then i don't know why you'd leave when things don't go the way you want. Do you get more rewards for 100% or something?

Also, don't worry. I did it a few times to upgrade my units to max and stopped dealing with it, since i've always despised defending things in games.

@kztm Ive noticed people dropping right at the beginning. Probably trolling. Probably disconnects/crashes. Still some unstable connections.

@Yggranya Theres really no noticable difference in rewards between C and S. IDK what fail rewards look like but probably the same as C. The only thing I've seen S's give are satisfaction.

@Yggranya of course a static is easier, but that's no reason to suffer griefers and afkers in pugs. Static is not needed in this game for now and pug 100% is definitely more fun because it's literally just everyone doing their jobs well without much communication needed. Show up, play the game, don't grief, get rewards. Easy.

100%/S-rank does give more rewards also, yes. People I know only leave if it's looking like a A or B or people are clearly not playing the game, S rank at 80%+ is still ok even if we'd meme about it afterwards, but like. There's no reason to drop below 90% unless half the MPA is levelling in mining base uq in which case just complete for the EXP.

On the spot leavers are people who made a mistake clicking in most likely, or just crashed. Those are fine, just quit out and reset? Not like the game gives us an option to rejoin a UQ instance after DC/crashing.

Base PSO2JP had a system that flagged the first player to abandon a full group, and if they did it too often they got banned. If NGS doesn't already have that system in place, it might return in some form. I too see this happen far too often than it should.

@Lanre Of course it gives more rewards, in which case "fun" has nothing at all to do with it, it's all about the rewards. sigh, Why am i not surprised?

Anyway, you can't not suffer afkers if you join a pug, it's just the way it is. Enjoy "cooperation" to your heart's content if you refuse to make you own group.