Gold Mission Pass

I just purchased the Good Mission Pass with SG and I’m trying to claim the rewards however it tells me I need to buy it again with SG

You have to go to the Mission Pass to check the rewards. If you just bought it, though, you need to check your Inventory or Storage to find it. If you don't have it, you might have to claim it from the Visiphone. You can also only claim rewards for tiers you have unlocked in the current run of the Mission Pass. If you completed it once and started it over, you have to go through it again. SG can be ussed to buy tiers on the mission pass, as well.

@Ragnawind i have tried this and still can't find it anywhere. I bought another thinking maybe because it was season 2, but still can't see the gold mission pass anywhere.

Look under all storage sometimes oddly the items will end up in your furniture tab