How do you feel about SG scratches?

Hello everyone. I just wanted to see how everyone feels about the current state of sg scratch tickets and what we would like seeing going further. I have yet to spend any sg at all because I'm afraid I'd lose it to viper tongue. I think it is a bad idea to keep stacking SG items into a single ticket. I get that they are trying to give everyone a chance who may have missed past items, but I currently feel that this is not the right way. There is a lot that is not right about the current state of the game, but I feel as some of these issues can be fixed easily if maybe, by some chance, they take some kind of feedback into consideration.

I thought of some ideas that could be a possible solution. Maybe make a separate ticket that has all the past items involved in it and have it available for a specific time. Like a season for example or longer if needed and then cycle it that one out. Would you rather keep it permanent? Another one would be (which is what I thought it would be originally) to keep the current and the previous scratch in it. How about extending the time for all SG scratch tickets and keeping each one separate from each other? Would you like each free scratch to count towards the free item ticket as others have suggested? Maybe make the tickets you actually use SG on free from previous items and have the daily free one be the mass item scratch?

I don't know exactly what the best option is and what they are planning. I feel like there is some kind of plan to why they are doing this in this method, but that is something we aren't to supposed to know. But I feel any of these could be better than the current path we are on. What would you like to see? Anymore suggestions?

They're terrible atm. If they keep shoving more stuff in the % are going to be so low. I also hate the fact that the SG selection ticket changes name with every new release. Like, just make it a standard SG selection ticket and allow it to be used on any SG scratches.

The daily scratch not contributing to the selection ticket is also downright garbage. It takes 40 to get one so players have to login and scratch for 40 days. I think that's pretty reasonable for a selection ticket.

I personally think they should not continue adding items and flooding the pool. Once one SG scratch is done, take it out and bring the new one in and rotate them on a regular basis.

Scratches should be removed. It is gambling, end of story. NGS is nothing more than a casino shelled in a stripper simulator with a light, and I mean real light splattering of scifi action adventure. Those of you who keep throwing money away on this trash are the problem. Raise your standards, whales. The more you spend, the more permission you give Sega to continue this. Until an actual game is released or at least enough to feel like a more complete experience, no one should spend any money on this. Sega needs to learn this kind of business practice should never be allowed or tolerated.

This is how I know Sega doesn't care at all, about the good will of the customers. They think we are all stupid and the whales prove them right.

If they released a more complete experience, free to play players would be willing to pay money and not be free to play anymore. Warframe does it right. Sega could learn a lot from DE.

Raise your standards people.

Now that I've had time to warm up to the change, I can say that I actually like the new SG scratch system. It sucks getting dupes, yes, but you know what sucks even more? Items that are made completely unobtainable once their limited-time window ends.

I absolutely agree that item bloat is an issue that needs to be addressed in some way or another, and I too am curious to know how SEGA intends to handle it. Perhaps right now we are looking at the "Chapter 1" SG scratch pool, ie Aelio themed stuff.... and the winter update will mark the beginning of a new, separate "chapter 2" SG scratch pool featuring NPC outfits from the desert area? If that were the case, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Ch1 stuff retired from free pulls, but left available as its own standalone paid scratch so people could still have access to that selection. Hmmm.

SG scratches the way they are youd need to ignore for 1 to 3 scratch additions to let the older stuff get low enough chance, and even then, theres a chance. At the very least with this scratch plan they should have refreshed the count rewards or made it 20 for a ticket. its just lazy and cash graby as is. its not going to make me not do sg pulls forever, but with how its setup for the sg ticket to expire when things are added, i wont pull unless theres something i really want AND i have 2000sg for 40 pulls, so theyve given themselves missed opportunities. might have even have bought some sg for a scratch but they killed any future desire to do that.

I think if they explained shit before hand it would be better. so far we have had 2 times where the playerbase was caught by surprise where the only explanation is that it was a cash grab or sega is so inept they cant even explain how paid parts of the game work.

the reason i don't spend my SG on them currently, is mainly because i don't feel like getting repeats on my next draw on a new scratch. they either have to reduce the price per scratch, put in a punch out mechanic so that you can't re-draw the same item or allow us to exchange SG scratches for half the SG which was used.

if they want to keep extending items into newer scratches, it would also be a huge help to have expire dates on every single item. atleast that way, players will be able to tell when a certain item will stop being reintroduced into newer lineups.

although we have daily free scratches, it feels very frustraiting currently and with SG items not being sellable, it's even worse. atleast in pso2 i knew with SG scratches what to expect and didn't have to fear spending some SG to get what i want.

I saving my SG for something worth it and to keep material storage open (and if it comes to that Extended Storage 1), I have been burned by an SG scratch before and lost track on how may pull I made to get a wanted item, but had to resort on using the choice tickets.

The free daily SG scratch is even worse since there is no choice ticket option and rarely get anything I like out of it, instead that scratch like to keep giving me ugly male fashion (a few of which I rejected several times), I have a male CAST and a female non-CAST, what the hell am I going to do with male non-CAST fashion?!?!

If Sega keep piling up the SG scratches like this, then they need to add a choice ticket to the item exchange so we can use the pile of badges we all get from the unwanted junk.

They are an absolute joke. I have zero interest in them. I haven't spent a single SG in NGS yet for scratches and I am sitting on like 7000+. The AC scratches suck too so far, haven't spent any money on the game yet because it isn't worth it.

The whole system needs to be reworked. I think if they're going to keep the gacha scratches, then premium AC that runs its duration should be "demoted" to SG but made untradable. Divide the banners to like 2-3 sets per SG banner as a "second chance" if you missed it the first time around. Sure the odds are going to be slightly lower but it's more incentive to buy the premium AC varient that you can at least trade/sell with better odds to get what you want. Bring back mission passes to get even older scratches that were popular over maybe a 6 month period so that even FTP players have a chance. I think that would be somewhat reasonable without giving a giant middle finger to FTP while still using FOMO even though I strongly oppose it.

I do think that if they're going to keep the items around, they should be separated, and the free daily SC scratch to be able to have allowance to choose one of the active scratches.

The way they are doing it is absolutely awful.

They need to separate the scratches into separate slots, free rolls should be manually switched via a sub menu in the free scratch section, as to avoid having to create separate menu slots in the ui. After a sixth SG scratch pops in, from that point further, the first ticket set is pulled from rotation, with the potential of being put back into rotation via a revival scratch. This will keep the menu from becoming too cluttered, yet still give players time to get the items they want. The scratches themselves are small as is, individually at least, so players would easily be able to get what they want. Another thing that should change is account unlocking of items. When an item is unlocked across your entire account, the potential for it to drop is reduced. At least then it would be a bit more fair.

As it stands now, the setup results in almost nothing but duped items, regardless of how many SG you have. My elder brother still had SG saved up, and burned through at least half to see how bad the RNG is, and he kept getting the same items on repeat. Had this been a casino game, one could say that the machine was rigged in such a way that you don't get new items until a specific number of pulls, or spins were reached. The overall system needs work in general.

Never been interested in a single SG scratch, counting both pso2 and NGS. The items in them just aren't interesting and the clothes are kinda boring. The only time I ever spent SG on costume stuff was back when we had the fresh finds shop in base pso2.

Also the fact these scratches have very mundane and boring stuff like eyebrows are a hard pass on ever scratching. Imagine buying a few and all you got were some eyebrows lol.

I ain't rolling on them until it's time for a complete reset. I'm not throwing away sg for the same pieces over and over.