NGS desperately needs vsync/disable

Base pso2 always ran so smoothly but NGS is a stutter fest. I recently downloaded the SpecialK injection that fixes the bad forced vsync and allows you to play with your driver forced vsync instead and WOW! the difference is incredible. With the SpecialK mod the game runs perfectly smooth like old pso2 always did. Why hasn't sega fixed this yet? This issue has effected a lot of players and stuttering is a huge problem in a fast-paced action game. Not to mention it just doesn't do the game justice, all the special fx elements are so fluid and gorgeous when the game runs smooth.

Bad frame pacing isn't as widespread knowledge as framerate in general is it seems. Some people will see their tool of choice report 60fps and think nothing of the fact its micro stuttering everywhere.

Anyway I agree, that tool is quite helpful.

I'm not sure if vsync is actually the issue here, but the presentation model used.

NGS uses the older presentation model, while SpecialK allows the "newer" better performing flip presentation model to be forced (I say "newer", but flip model is already several years old).

I'm not completely sure about this, but if I'm not mistaken, some games that use the older presentation model have microstuttering issues on windowed/borderless mode on windows 10. Some users that tried the windows 11 test versions have mentioned that games they had microstuttering on windowed/borderless mode on win10 were smooth in the test version of win11, but unfortunately it's not possible to try NGS on win11 right now (since NGS won't support win11 until much closer to win11's release because of gameguard).

Basically there's a chance that on win11 NGS may end up not having the current microstuttering issues... hopefully...

@Ezodagrom That is very interesting about Windows 11 eliminating micro stutters. This could fix a lot of issues with a lot of games released over the years. Hopefully NGS is fixed as well. I have a G-Sync monitor, and not even G-Sync 100% fixes things. It's better, but certainly not as good as it could be.

What microstutter? games full of macrostutter, next to that who's gonna notice a bit of microstutter? performance is dogsh*t.

Has anyone tried win 11 yet WITHOUT the special K fix?

The Special K microstutter fix is great but it locks you out of playing BASEpso2. SO I was hoping Id have a reason to upgrade to win11 so I can finally ditch special k.