Help mAG Evolution Device Nyua


I recently won big at the casino and used some of my cc on the evolution mag device nyua. I just got my mag to level 100 and was wondering how do I evolve my mag to nyua?? I got a mag change form pass but so far I can’t figure out how to change my mag to nyua. Can someone explain how evolution devices work and how I can change my mag appearance?

Go to "Use Device" in your Mag's menu. The Mag Form Change Pass is only to switch back and forth between Mag Evolution Devices that you have used.

@AndrlCh said in Help mAG Evolution Device Nyua:

Go to "Use Device" in your Mag's menu.


Any changes to the mag such as skins, skills and feeding are all done on the mag menu. You never go into your inventory for your mag.

Thank you! I must of missed that option.