Hi I've already spent 700+ hours to this game and already spent more or less 300$ on SG AC and premium items (I know this amount is nothing compared to whales 🙂 ). Since in-game contents are coming a bit slower which make others leave the game or not spent too much time on it, with regards to how you sell cosmetics I have a suggestion.

Instead of doing AC scratches or SG scratches where in you are making lots of people (specially whales) to spend more money, I think this idea would also benefit players who are willing to spend on cosmetics but hesitant to spend on gacha (random items).

1.) Instead of using multiple currencies, why not use 1 (as stated by other players)? if its AC then AC or if it is SG then SG, instead of dividing the premium currency into 2.

2.) Since you can do package sale like the Aelio Town Swimsuit Pack, why not also use the idea on your other cosmetics instead of relying on scratches? I think you can have more people spend their money because they will know that what they will spend will not be spent on some random items that they don't want, like for example an exclusive set would cost higher than none exclusives (but of course the price should not be the same as the Aelio Town Swimsuit Pack as it contain other items that are consumables and not cosmetics). By the way what I want here is that people can purchase this via AC or real money, at least this way we will know that our money will not be wasted.

3.) I know there would be players who would be against pack deals as this will also contain items that they don't want so why not also offer individual item parts sale? This way people can spend the way they want to. Like for example I can buy a vaporeux snorkel set along with a manonica hair prized individually or I can buy a specific emote.

4.) Of course, the first 3 are all for those who can spend but to also cater the F2P, why not add cosmetic tickets where in F2P players can use to exchange for cosmetics e.g 150 - 200 cosmetic tickets a piece, then this tickets are dropped by all the enemies on a specific %, that way there will be a reason for f2p players to grind and also other players to play the game instead of just waiting for gigantix, waiting for uq or just chatting.

I'm talking about cosmetics because I think this is the biggest selling point of this game so why not use it to accomodate all types of players? Not anyone can spend hundreds of dollars for 40+ pulls just to get random items, this is a GLOBAL server not all people have the money to spend (different country, different conversion units, in some countries these are cheap and in some countries these are not) so instead of being cheeky using gacha as a way to hook players to spend more, why not be flexible? I think this way you can attract more players to spend on the game, more funding for your project because the players will be satisfied with what they are paying, and I think this can also help in the reduction of the MESETA PRICES for cosmetics.

This was just an idea I head earlier and just stating it here. I'm not sure if it'll fall into deaf ears as I've read the SEGA does not communicate with its players anymore but still I'll leave this here.

Thank you very reading hope this makes sense as my english is not that good 🙂 have a great day.