Loot not found Nightfall providence SVH 50threat

Nightfall providence on super very hard 50 threat advanced quest giving no photon boosters and dropping actually nothing higher then 8star very rarely dropping anything with over 450+ loot boosters not sure if working as intended or horrible dungeon but wont do again worst dng ever on VH we got better loot at 50 threat.

@Redxpanda which all boosters did you have activated specifically?

The lack of Photon Boosters is a thing that is also present on the JPN server. Originally, AQs dropped Pyroxenes instead of Photon Boosters, with the exception of a few, like Nightfall Provence/Kuron; when they got rid of the Pyroxenes they replaced them with Photon Boosters as drops, but they didn't add them to the AQs that didn't originally drop Pyroxenes.

@John-Paul-RAGE 100% tri 250 Rare 40 party 50 premium 50 Daily oh and drink premium buff

@AndrlCh So this is a beta so I hope that they plan on fixing the issues from the JPN server otherwise whats the point of making people wait for the actual game ;D

@Redxpanda you replace Nightfall in your cycle with Abandoned Mines, it has pretty good drops an Emergency Codes.

I personally run City to Mines to Daybreak, the first two give a megaton of the boosters and fun stuff.

Though I have so many F caps now I may just start boss rushing Daybreak to annihilate these Saiki prices.

We normally do Forest/Volcano/Dragon alter but we wanted to try all the other ones see whats best and finding out how bad this one is discourages me because its one of my favorite ones to do and for how much HP the mobs have and to get nothing for it is really disappointing so I'm hoping because this is beta they will be willing to fix it up.