CAN WE GET A FREAKIN N-color change pass instead of more useless "apology" trash items?

There is nothing to spend star gems on we have them piled up. your +5 percent boosters are also useless since we have a ton of those from your "apology" reward every time you screw up on top of the salon passes which I have a ton of as if we are changing our character every 5 minutes or something. You keep giving out the same exact "apology" items and its getting annoying.

I am not going to scratch 15 times to try and get an F-ing color change pass. I am not going to buy a useless premium for a n-color change pass. It was nowhere near as complicated getting color changes back in base pso2 but in NGS you decided to be even more greedy...while not even adding real content to the game.

this isn't 2012 anymore you cant want all the money in the world while planning on only drip feeding content once every 6 months.

We were always short on color passes since they were offered far less even in base PSO2. This is probably the first MMO that not only has a sub par gear dying system but also makes it incredibly difficult to obtain the passes required to change the color to begin with. It's so weird.

They could easily sell this for 50-100 SG and also make it a premium perk. This would at least add a little bit more value to premium which currently is not worth the price tag.

IT would be nice if they let us buy N-color change passes with star gems at least. But they decided to completely pay wall it to a degree that no other MMORPG does. Either all modern MMO's let you color change for free, or they let you purchase dye for extremely cheap.

This game just does neither of those things. I am at the point where they can take their constant stupid "apologies" and shove it. All they do anymore is F up something in the game and "apologize" by giving us more trash.

@kaipurge-0 There is an old saying, don't be sorry just don't do it again. Actions speak louder than words, and they keep making the same mistakes on repeat, just to apologize again for it later. That alone is pretty telling.

I know. and I doubt they will listen. I already don't even feel like grinding mobs anymore with my character because she looks like a clown with all the ugly mixing of colors that don't match. The moment you no longer like your character in an RPG is the moment you don't want to play.

If you go to the youtube comments on both global and japanese you will find people asking for A color pass since we know we aren't getting any content until December, and they keep screwing up what is already barebones in the game right now, the least they could do is give us an N-color pass instead of things we already get from doing dailies and log ins. To be honest, they need to completely get rid of hiding color changing behind a paywall completely. No one does that anymore. A game as barebones as the state of NGS should be doing everything in their power to stop the bleeding of the playerbase. I play on ship 1 and most of the time only 1 or 2 of the blocks are full while the rest are completely empty. Giving us trash items every time they make an "oopsie" literally makes the playerbase not care about their dumb apologies. If they really did feel sorry they would give us the thing that is the hardest in the entire game to get which is a color change pass NOT more star gems that have nothing to be used on since they removed the fp2/FUN shop from the game