I just realized that legacy weapon camos from base are not showing properly to other players. My alliance had a group photo session and we found out about this issue.

Let's say I equipped my Ensa katana camo, if I equipped it on the spot, my teammates can see it. However, once we teleported somewhere else or change block etc, everyone's camo was gone. We see their og weapons instead. So all the photos my teammates had taken was me with my Evolcoat Katana instead of the Ensa katana camo. So far it only happens to old camos, not the NGS camos. Same issue happens when you logged in. Basically you have to re-equip your old camos EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME if you want others to see your desired weapon aesthetics. You know, if you have a theme going on or something.

You can check this by viewing any random players' equipment, and if they have camos equipped, check whether you can actually see them or the base weapon was the one showing on their backs.