I finally came back to try and play the game after this big update and generally life slowing down but I found that the game is unapproachable due to it being unplayable...I am on Windows 10, so I wouldn't think that is the issue, but I found that the game itself will bring up the launcher and then allow me to start the game, pop up something in the upper left (Game Guard or something, usually flies by too fast) and then...Nothing. The exe is running in the bits, it is using memory and the like, but no game to be seen. Any attempts to revalidate the files in Steam says it is missing a large number of files and goes through the download process again (And that is after it says that the launcher file doesn't exist...Although I just used the launcher file less than two minutes ago).

What happened while I was away to break it this badly? What is the fix to this hiccup?