Are Cast Parts Harder to Make?

We've had 6 or 7 AC and 3 SG scratch but only 1 has had Cast parts, and not very good ones in my opinion. Am I just spoiled by Global having Cast parts in almost every scratch? Are Cast parts harder to create or are they just a low priority for some reason?

I think it's just the fact they are the least played. Also anyone can be a cast now whenever they want so there's less pressure to make. I actually like that they've done this. There were times I really wanted to be a cast because of the outfits they got but couldn't. Now I can whenever I want on my main.

There are plans to update some of the older CAST parts based on a survey a while back, but it seems like it will be a long wait.

The lack of CAST parts in NGS needs to be fixed, one of the most unique races in PSO2/NGS and they are being overlooked.

And until we start getting some decent CAST parts, I will continue to use my Liner set, its a shame I can't use any of the hand poses I get with older items.

They are probably low priority. On the flipside, they're insanely cheap too.. for male CAST parts that is.

Maybe because there are hardly any casts playing

They are low priority in combination of absolutely requiring more work, they have to design each part keeping in mind specifications of not having them clip horribly at the connection points.

Some here may remember Phantasy Star Universe (& the portable games) having fleshies clothing consist of separate Top, Bottoms & Shoes choices and how down the line you were restricted in many choices because X would clip with Y and in the end they started just making full costumes. I think you could argue that in theory that system was better but it required a hella more effort and was dropped by PSO2. Now in NGS their only worry with fleshies is if the costume is too zany it'll be a SE instead of BA.

I don't think they have the balls to start releasing Cast parts as "SE" costumes or something though and see it better to just ignore them even harder than male fleshies.

All of these are good points, but let's be realistic while we're at it-

Sex sells, and CAST parts don't generally fall into the sexy category.

@Furious-0 Yes but this is also affecting female cast parts too which they have also shown that they fully want to embrace them being sexy mechanical parts with joints this time around, yet they are in the same position as male cast parts in availability for NGS.

Hi-Cast is the new thing. They look like normal people.

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Hi-Cast is the new thing. They look like normal people.

Basically. We'll be fighting all the non-CASTs for the CAST gear because they will still look humanoid so there won't be enough of a difference for it to matter to them. Plus the "it's a head part!" normal hairstyles. glares at Svela

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Hi-Cast is the new thing. They look like normal people.

I don't mind it considering I have the Newman and Duman look going right now.

That being said, the CAST-like image is vastly outshined through such a look.

I wanted Body Paint with joints, but they're giving us glowy inner instead... I guess beggars can't be choosers.

They are missing an opportunity for better usage with cast parts. They could have made human legs and arms, interchangeable with cast parts. Lore wise amputees, or those that lost limbs in battle, could have needed a replacement, so they retrofitted Cast parts as a solution. Not just the metal cast parts either, also the Hi-Cast parts, so that there would be minor seems where the two parts come together. (Kind of like the mech joint paint we got in base) They could have done a lot more with making parts interchangeable as they already have, and sold sexy outfits, and cast parts alike. Sexy Human/Deuman/Newman's, male and female alike could wear sexy beach wear, and have say one cast arm or leg. Cyberpunk it.

The closest CAST set to beachwear is Furta. Would be nice to see maidkinis for CAST.

Absolutely would be nice to see some CAST bois strutting off swim trunks.

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mech joint paint

As soon as i saw that, i got it and used it until NGS came out. Frankly, it was pretty terrible and looked nothing like the seam on CAST neck, but it was better than nothing.

I agree that they should put more effort into options, since i think the male CAST parts look terrible. Always have been, and it seems that they will always be.

I feel like I should be saying that CAST options feel like a bowl cut, but that's kind of mean to full metal CASTs who are generally bald.

I agree that the- I think it was a ball jointed doll (BJD) body paint, felt kind of bare bones.

If we had more photon energy based body paint inspired by Night Sea and Ruine Paint, it might look decent for CAST.

(At least from a lore standpoint, IMO.)

alt text alt text alt text alt text

Compared to the upcoming release: Screenshot_15.jpg

(The Inner part may be a mislabel, as the jacket/pants are likely a toggle option for Setwear 1/2.) Screenshot_16.jpg