NGS needs URGENTLY....

The tweet from Anamana summarizes everything that the game urgently needs to retain the players. As a complement to his tweet, the game lacks a working alliance system. What's the point of being in an alliance in NGS? There is no content for alliances, unless you have shown the alliance symbols, then you can see who is from which alliance. That’s it.

In summary, the game needs URGENTLY:

Alliance relevant content.

Dungeons and Raids. Non-tradable weapons to farm towards, like Clauzz weapons.

Time attack

Boss rush (like Masquerade)

More repeatable quests.

Story cut scene collection to watch again. (Who remembers what the story was about after 6 months?)

Basically, it needs repeatable content, like we had with rotational daily quests on PSO2. They need to be rewarding and fun to play to keep people coming back for more.

I am tired of people saying "but PSO2 didn't have much on launch either" is this a valid excuse? The fact that PSO2 exists means they had so much there that could and should have been incorporated into NGS.

I look at things like the title system and personal quarters, how are these not available at launch? They have been part of the PSO experience since PSU, for things like that to be dropped or delayed is ridiculous. This is the kind of content a PSO game should launch with, and there are many more examples of it too, like the look book, NPC partners, Auxiliaries, Alliance Quarters.....where the hell is all of this? If you can't launch your game with this stuff, then your game simple wasn't ready to be launched.

@HoDKenji said in NGS needs URGENTLY....:

Repeatable quests.

Fixed, there aren't any to begin with.

N-EX Cube drops would be nice. The only time you get one is either via logon bonus or character level up after level 20. I get that it is not meant to be easy because they are classed as a rare item, But I think include them in rare drops eg: Urgent quests, Defeating a gigantix and or veteran doll and or an occasional drop from a trial.

They don't come from login bonuses only level up at 20.

@Weirdo Oh ok. Thanks for correcting that.

Hero is playing the game too, but why is he unable to realize that the game needs more then a copy paste event? Why can´t he say...yeah the player have a point....this game has a big lag of content and we have to fix it right now. I bet when the "big" update comes...

we get

no dungeons

no raids

no reason for upgrading our gear.

no reason for farming gear/weapons cause i can buy it view days later in the shop.

What we realy get:

lvl cap 35

desert ( maybe a half of the whole desert )

we get new mobs

1-2 new urgent quests ( copy paste kill quests )

first half of the whole desert story.

I would be fine with the current content if grinding for Fixas were less frustrating, as people doing dailies just jump in to the combat zones killing anything they see and mess up the PSE because they just don't care about it. The "feature" making batch move for material items also adds more frustration to grinding sessions. Add to that the archaic inventory management workflow that feels worse than games made 20 years ago.

I'm someone who can branch mine in Minecraft for 2-3 hours at a time. But NGS grinding is so frustrating I can rarely grind for more than an hour before the frustration sets in and I log off to play Minecraft or browse YouTube.

I think NGS not only needs more repeatable content (other than grinding for presets), it also needs to start thinking about its frustrating UI and UX that is a such joke in the year 2021.

I agree they need to re-add Arks Missions or something, populate the open field with NPCs at the houses / camps, etc. Not only give them repeatable tasks, but also they issue missions. Dungeons and Raids, etc should mostly take place in a completely separate area from the main open field. That's my 2 cents.

@HermitST since base ps02 has been made it should be much easier to create content for ngs