Possible connection between scambots and lag spikes

During the few weeks of no scambots, there was little to no lag, now that those damn bots are returning, they are bringing along massive lag spikes.

This is all the more reason to report spam those things, their scripting is overloading the servers!

I pointed that out a while back. Not much SEGA can do here.

They're in the exact same spot as Nexon when it comes to handling bots.

Tbh, it's about time they put their brains together to develop a bot behavior prediction AI which could auto kick such users.

@MasterDarkwingz What's wild is I haven't seen a single bot on Mabinogi since returning to it during the content downtime of NGS. There use to be like 6 of them at a time spamming the chat in the city so Nexon did something and needs to show Sega their ways.

There also seems to be another connection with the scambots and the spammers in these forums.

I reported several throwaway accounts in these forums for obvious spam during the few weeks of no bots in-game, and few more of these spam accounts have popped up after the in-game counterparts get reported and banned.

The spammer accounts seem to be scripted to post their junk threads filled with walls of text and an image about every 20 minutes until they get banned.

These spammers are getting out of control and making things worse, something needs to be done to finally rid us of this plague.

If this were still the NA exclusive server, I'd have said require support to verify an account with Real ID.