The State of NGS. SEGA pls Read

Hello fellow ARKS Players i write this Note as a Long term Fan of PSO. I played since the gamecube days ep1. 2& 3. Blue burst and Universe and i would like to make some points for better. Changes I feel the game is going in a wrong direction with more focus on ac scratch and sg then content and im thinking i am not the only one. So here are some points for making the game better.

  1. More Content the Game doesn't have any real challenges or quests we can go too besides the UG. 2.The Battle system is mostly fine but the timed attacks from early pso just felt better we need more p arts and bring the old timed attacks back so the combat has a reward system for perfekt timing. 3.unlockable content ingame not the ac tickets. I know its a free to play game but most of the stuff should be unlocked to the game grind and challenges so we can show what we accomplished in the game. 4.Fun Content like the daily concerts. Casino. Themed events would be awesome. 5.ARKS Home. ALLIANCE Hub. Alliance Achivements and Bonuses.

General Point if the Game has nothing real too do the cosmetic wont safe the playerbase.

So for the Final points and my personal note. I would like too see PSO too be a good game it has a good battle system. History and stile dont waste it. I would like too see old Ragol Back remaked battle the levels and bosses in NGS Grafics and enjoying the Old music and bosses. Gal griffin. 1 Dark Falz. Olga Flowen.Derolle etc it would bring so mutch players back. Ppl still play the Original PSS EP1&E2 it would be awesome SEGA if you listen too your Fellow ARKS Players and make this Game too what it deserves too be it should be on point with the other MMOs. Best Ragards and i hope you read this. From a fellow Redria-Fumar-Dartorias

  1. Finish the NGS Forums to look more professional and fix the cross scripting attempts on your site. Or fix the format in these forums so that it doesn't jumble in a nightmarish way like what happened to OP.

It would indeed be awesome to be able to have VR fights against old bosses from the other PSO saga games, similar to what FFXIV has. Or go ahead and adapt stuff from the old PS turn rpg ones!

here! here!

commenting to keep a record, i am gonna come back and leave a hearty reply.. i have SO much to say that comes from a place with so much love and loyalty for this game and this community.

but i am on board this boat. and would like to offer some stuff i like, stuff i did like that should def make a return, and a few things that should be kept in moderation..

will take time.. but time.. i have not right meow

It is sad too see that so many people care about this game a specially the old guard. I have waited years for the release in the west. I guess overpriced ac scratch and sg is the focus of this game sure i love too design my character everyone does but for what point too look at it if you cant play it. I Remeber in the old days your gear was your way too show you are good in this game. Soloing old pso2 on ultimate ( gc one) was epic get the Red Ring Rico Items, craft weapons from monsterparts, level and raise your own legendary mag like Rati and trade other geat with players back in the day your char was locked in one loot pool so you had too trade we tradet with friends our memory cards we had too go too our friends too play thise were the days and now scratch a ticket play the daily and log off this isn't PSO sega we're is the passion gone.