pls keep open beta on for awhile

just got the virus so now im locked inside for 2 weeks and im having fun with this game =D

A lot of people are thinking the full release (with no PC version) is coming around April 2nd, our first PSO2 Day. Since the CBT rewards are being distributed on March 31st.

@coldreactive nice hope that does happen I can play this while laying down in bed

I hope you feel better soon and come out alright on the other side of it, it really is the pits you ended up getting it... Hopefully you're able to do the things you enjoy without too much discomfort!

@ozzymarkk the game is a free to play, just xbox live gold/ ultimate needed for playing on xbox.

hope you feel better soon!

@Madchimera9560 yeah thanks mate im playing it now xbox ship1

@Aviarei thanks me too