Copy/paste of my reply in another thread. More threads about this, the better.

Ship 4, Aelio 004, Wetlands, only 22 people in the room at my time of joining.

The Gigantix was quite close to the Ryuker (~100 yards/whatever away), so upon dashing towards it.. crash. Come back in to the game, went back to the same block/room, dashed to the Gigantix.. crash.

By the third time logging back in, the Gigantix was gone. At this point, I decided "oh well" and decided to gather around the zone. As soon as I was about halfway done with my route in the Wetlands, I went to grab that Fruit Tree close to the North Aelio > Wetlands border, and crashed again.

Please halt all development and fix what's wrong with the game. Between the technical issues, bugs, and AC Scratches being introduced one after another with no regard for the stability of the game, you're hemorrhaging players at an alarming rate.

I love Phantasy Star, and would rather not see it fail, but at this point.. I can't support what's going on with NGS.

Edit: if it makes any difference, upon zoning in to the block/room, I was far enough away from the Gigantix group that all of those players weren't loaded in. I assume the crashes happened while players were being loaded.. along with the myriad of combat effects happening all at once.