NGS- Random crash during gigantix fight in North Aelio

I wonder if anyone else experienced this random crash, but this happened to me TWICE in a day and just within 1hour. I don't know if this is a bug or if this is just issue with my new PC.

It's definitely not your PC. I was just there and experienced the same thing.

Ship 4, Aelio 004, Wetlands, only 22 people in the room at my time of joining.

The Gigantix was quite close to the Ryuker (~100 yards/whatever away), so upon dashing towards it.. crash. Come back in to the game, went back to the same block/room, dashed to the Gigantix.. crash.

By the third time logging back in, the Gigantix was gone. At this point, I decided "oh well" and decided to gather around the zone. As soon as I was about halfway done with my route in the Wetlands, I went to grab that Fruit Tree close to the North Aelio > Wetlands border, and crashed again.

Seriously.. this has got to stop.