Fashion Upgrade

Hello, first thread I've ever started so please forgive me. With that said, I feel we should all come together to request that Sega expand the fashion capabilities with the lack of any real content or fashion at least give us the ability to change photon colors on the clothing regardless of item type (I.E. type a,b,c) especially when certain types are not available in every outfit (this also helps with my ocd..not saying much don't know about you guys) further more I positioning we ask for more accessory points from the initial 18 to 28 points as well as access to photon color (maybe this may lead to factions as well I.E. Arks or Dark Falz, Dollz...i know I probably reaching buuut I can dream) so I hope you guys read this it took a lot of courage for this introvert to create this and remember more accessory points and give us customization abilities to sky blue photon colors on all outfits its probably asking for too much then at least more ACC points from 18 to 28 you guys game easy I'm out ✌

I'd like to have that too, that would be another source of income for them. Playing with colors is still for the rich... But in general playing with fashion is like playing in a sandbox, there aren't really rules... unless you come up with some theme fashion for yourself or your friends, which works. About the accessory points, remember before we could only have 4 accessories, now we hopefully can wear more with this new system.