Sheathe Settings

Idea: Add a rotation setting to sheathe position.. eg: So you can rotate the katana so the hilt is facing upwards instead of being stuck sideways(looking out of place)

I wish we could rotate all the weapons to be honest

I heartily agree.

I was thinking the same thing. I prefer the "over the shoulder" rather than "strapped to the belt" position.

Please, yes. Also, the ability to hide weapons when they are sheathed without using a camo. The stealthed weapon camo prevents us from using the many great weapon camos that just look horrrible or clash with outfits when sheathed.

@vidardabard That would be a great addition. There are two other camos, if I remember right they're called Live Cellular and Bio Cellular, that can be applied to nearly all weapon types and when "sheathed" it's just a little yellow box that can be positioned inside the character model to hide it, but then you're stuck using that camo.

I've resorted to walking around the ship "unarmed" (switching to an empty slot on the weapon pallete) more than a few times when the weapons/camos I've had didn't work with the "look" I was going for.

So long as the rotation is not enough to allow trolls to use their swords as "the other sword", I'm all for this idea too. We already have enough lewd troll crapola with certain accessories already...

How they could implement the ability to move your weapon around on your back to the left, right, up and down without thinking to add a rotation wheel is beyond me, you wouldn't really need a front rotation but the ability to rotate to the side would be nice so that we can finally have some good looking vertical Katanas on our Bravers. I'm so tired of watching my hands clip through my Katana as a Male Braver because someone thought it'd be a good idea to strap a Katana on your back horizontally.. like wtf c'mon man.

I know that there are some vertical camos that can be used with Katanas but they're all stupidly ugly and far too large for my taste, all I want is a small.. vertical Katana without all the fancy nonsense, is that too much to ask for? an example would be the Rengokuto Ensa/Shizuru's Katana which we unfortunately may never have in NA.

This should be an easy thing to implement, but hell even if they don't implement this into the PSO2 game in the state that it's in right now, at least give us the ability to do this in New Genesis...