Everytime I Log In All My Weapons Are Gone

I've been having an issue where every time I log into the game whatever weapon/loadout I had equipped is completely wiped from my character. I've checked everywhere (storage, list, etc) and they're just gone with no trace. This has happened to me the last few times I've logged in and it's happening consistently. Not sure what is causing this to happen but it happened with my Gunner class and it happened when I was also on my Fighter class.

Character name is EightC Server is Ship 1:Feoh Most Recent time: 6:05 pm PDT

@RoboEight last time it happened what did you do right before logging out?

@John-Paul-RAGE Not much really, I usually log out either in the main lobby or in my room. In terms of content I've just been doing client orders and expedtions nothing out of the oridinary. I'm not home at the minute but when I log in tonight I'll update if the stuff is gone again.

Are you sure you didn't go into a shared ship? Like the PvP or Survival Ships?

@coldreactive I don’t think those are available as of yet, at lest I have not seen the dedicated blocks for them